Summer Weekend

Friday night, I came home from my 12 hour shift  to two excited girls. When Daddy’s away, the girls get to sleep in my bed with me, and they love it. I love watching them sleep. sleeping with mommy   On Saturday, we planned a girls day of play. After a few chores around the house were done, we headed to the children’s museum in St. Pete. The girls shopped at the mini grocery store, pretended to be weather reporters in the news room, put out a fire, saved a baby’s life, fixed a poor dog’s leg after he was hit by a car,  made me a pizza with mushrooms, pepper, meatballs, parmesan and crushed red pepper (it was delicious),  created artwork, climbed a tree house, hula hooped and crossed over a rock wall.


It was a great time and the day felt like the official beginning of summer, even though they still have two weeks of school left to complete.

After some fun at the museum, we headed to the hair salon at  International Plaza for summer cuts. The girlies look so cute with their new bobs.

Then we drove home for a short nap before heading to dinner. The girls wanted to go to the mall again, so we landed at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse for dinner, then walked the mall, making sure to hit their favorite stores (Claire’s and Bath and Body Works).

It was a wonderful day with my girls. A day in which nothing else mattered and the nagging thought of, I should be doing something, never crossed my mind. I love summer!

One of my goals for the summer is to remain mindful. This is an article I posted several years ago, which I think is so relevant and appropriate. Click here  to read.

Doug arrived home from Chicago early Sunday afternoon. This is what we did for the entire afternoon: Sun bathing   We wrapped up the weekend with a family movie/pizza night. I’m loving summer so far!

Have a great week friends and family.