Visit with the Thomases

Back in November, while we were in PA for Thanksgiving, I got to meet Doug’s high school band mate and really good friend  Ross, his wife Rhonda and their lovely children Winslow, Maggie and Sadie. We spent the day playing in the snow, baking and eating homemade pizza’s, sipping margarita’s then hot cocoa, sledding and driving snow mobiles. Sara and Sophie immediately hit it off with Maggie and Sadie. It was a great day and before we said our goodbyes, we planned on getting together in February, the time that they planned on being in Florida for vacation.

They arrived at our place for an afternoon/evening visit on the 20th of February. The boys got the kayaks out to spend the afternoon on the water, the girls played outdoors and around the house and Rhonda and I ran to Publix for margarita supplies.

The afternoon was spent catching up. Rhonda and I sipped margarita’s on the dock while watching the boys kayak, and the kids played indoors.

Our two families couldn’t live in more opposite weather conditions (or at least during the winter), yet our environment and the fun we have in that environment is very similar. The beauty that Ross and Rhonda look out over, from their back porch, consists of endless land covered in snow and they enjoy every second of the land, sledding and playing on their snow mobiles. On the other hand, we look out over a vast waterfront covered in sunlight, and enjoy every second of the water in our kayaks, or just staring at its hypnotizing beauty from the dock. Both views and both lifestyles are fabulous in their unique way, and I’m happy we get the opportunity to experience both.

After a while, the girls decided that they wanted to go for a ride as well, so we placed them in life jackets and two girls per kayak, then sent them off. They had a blast. We had 80’s tunes playing on Doug’s jawbone speaker. Music, margarita’s and a slight breeze in the air while watching our families play and have fun together, made it an awesome experience for Rhonda and I as we lounged in the loungers taking it all in.

As the sun began to set, we decided to bring the kayaks in and make our way indoors for dinner.

Doug prepared an assortment of fish, pork and chicken taco’s with a bowl of homemade salsa and chips. While the kids played, the adults prepared dinner together and chatted. The food was amazing and the company even better.

After dinner, we put a movie in for the kids and then the adults retired to the dock, by a fire. We spent a good hour outdoors looking over the water,  as we talked about life, kids and all kinds of things. It was a great way to end the day! We said our goodbyes and planned our next visit, which will hopefully be sometime near the end of the year again. Thanks so much for visiting Thomas’s! It was a wonderful time together, again. We look forward to the next time!

To read about our time in the snow, when we visited the Thomases in November, click here.

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