Olivia Ann Li

Meet the newest addition to our family, Olivia Ann Li!

Olivia Ann Li

My cousin Kristen, her husband Sai and their (now) oldest daughter Allie welcomed this beautiful baby girl into their family (and ours) on Thursday February 20, 2014 @ 9:48 a.m. She weighed  7 lbs. 3 oz and was 21″ in length at birth, but better then that, she’s healthy and gorgeous!!

Unfortunately I was in Thursday lecture when I got the text, so I couldn’t be there for the delivery. Doug and I were able to visit on the Sunday after. Olivia is so sweet and perfect. Her big sister Allie is adjusting well and loving her new baby sister!

I can’t wait to hold and kiss on this little beauty again soon.

Congrats Kristen, Sai and big sister Allie.

And, welcome Olivia Ann : )   Aunt Rena loves you!

I stole this from my cousin’s FB wall because it was too cute not to share, (I mean, can they get any cuter?!?!):

Olivia Ann Li