My Man of Fire

New fire place

Doug’s a man on fire…….he’s hott, and I don’t care if you think I’m bragging, because as a matter of fact I am……I can’t argue that! I am bragging, just like the people on FB who send love notes to their lover via the FB wall post, for everyone to see.  I do mean what I say though, and I’m sure those FB posters do too. So I’ll continue…..

Doug created this fireplace for the dock. He found something like it online for $2000, but decided he could create something very similar for a much better price and this is the result:

building the fireplace


I’m amazed, once again, at my man on fire and you can’t even deny that this creation is pretty amazing……..can you? Nope, you can’t deny it. Ok, I’ll be done bragging after I say the words – I’m one lucky lady!

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