Love Day 2/14/14

Sophie performed in her school Valentine’s Day production last Thursday night. The amount of cuteness on the stage was overwhelming. Sophie sang her heart out, danced and proudly spoke her line, “I love you more then lemonade and seven layer cake!” I loved watching her perform on stage, and even though I know she was nervous (because she told me so, before the show) she never showed it. I especially love the last song. You can see the hour long production summed up in 5 minutes in the video below, but if you prefer not to watch the full 5 min. clip, then skip to the middle (2:40) for Sophie’s line and (3:00) for the last song/dance. It’s the best!

Before going on stage, Sophie met with her class and friends Peyton and Adrianna:

pre-show with Peyton and Adrianna
pre-show with Peyton and Adrianna

Then it was time for the big show:

sorry for the shaky camera work, I was far back and had to zoom in…..

If you have troubles viewing, turn HD off. 

The show ended with the kids leaving the stage to pass out roses to grandparents and family! I’m so proud of you Sopha!

Then we ended the night at Cold Stone for ice cream with Mia and Papa to celebrate a great show.

I worked on Valentines Day, but came home to candles lighting the entire house, a homemade Italian dinner, a beautiful card and my favorite wine, Meiomi. The night was wonderful and I’ll stop there….

The girls found these lovely little boxes of candy in their lunch boxes from Daddy, along with a large Reese’s heart and tootsie rolls when they came home.

Valentine's Day 2014

On this Valentines Day, I feel love and gratefulness for so much!

Happy Love Day friends and family!