Hi! What’s new? Nothing too new here! Just the usual studying, studying, studying, sleeping, working and studying. Last weekend was wonderful. I came home from a very busy 12 hour shift at the hospital to a nice dinner, a glass of wine and a drum circle. Sophie will be a nurse and a percussionist. I should have used my good camera to shoot this video, but it was an impromptu, and my cell was in my hand.

We caught up on home care on Saturday, then I studied hard core for my first Pharmacology exam. In the early afternoon, I said my goodbyes to nursing school work and the four of us went to dinner together as a family. The girls love watching flying onions and big fires at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, so that was where we ended up. It was nice to be together and afterwards we walked the mall and stopped for ice cream. It was exactly what I needed, time with my family. I need it more now then ever.

Sunday was another day of study and getting ready for the week, but the highlight was ending it at the dining room table with the 3 people I love the most, enjoying grilled mojo chicken thighs (which were perfectly seasoned), green beans and black beans and rice.

The week has been busy, as it always is these days.

On Monday night Doug and I walked downtown to support our friend Joe (who is running for Mayor of S.H.) at a speech that was held at Nolan’s Pub. Then we extended our night without kids and walked a little further for crab legs at Nantucket Bucket.

The first Pharmacology test was Monday, and I was happy with my results. Clinicals have been very good and productive this week. I got to hang IV antibiotics today, and emotionally support a patient who has recently had a stroke and is struggling with the fact that her right side isn’t working so well. That’s her good side too. She’s a tough woman and young. She’s angry and frustrated about her condition because she’s the one who takes care of people in her family, not the one who is “taken” care of. She has a rough exterior, but after a little time with her, she broke down crying, and I got to be the one to encourage and listen. This is what I love to do.

I found this is the restroom at the hospital today and had to share.


My cousin Kristen in due any minute to deliver her second daughter, Olivia. We’re all waiting for the call that she’s in labor and we can’t wait to meet our newest addition. I get a baby without having a baby. What’s better then that?

Sophie will perform in a Valentines Day production at school tomorrow. She’s so excited to be on stage singing and for her big line: ” I love you more then lemonade and seven layer cake”.

And, this Valentines Day, I feel so much love and gratefulness for so many things, which I won’t list now, but I will later. There is so much to love and be grateful for in this life, and that is what I choose to focus on. Happy Love Day friends and family, and carry it on with you past February 14th, because it will change your life.

Now, I will curl up on the couch with my soft blanket and a glass of wine and watch videos about the heart.