It’s a New Year. 2014!

Sara and Sophia,

As you look back through the year 2013, I hope you remember the great times and most of all how blessed you are! When I look back through the year of pictures, I feel a sense of gratitude. Yes, life is not always perfect, but choose to focus on the wonderful times..….this is what I do. I love you two so much and look forward to many more memories and fun in 2014, with you two, Daddy, friends and family! xoxo



Here are some of the highlights of 2013, by month:

In January:

  • You two sang your little hearts out to ring in the New Year, and we loved every second of it! We showed every person this video with pride, and as I watch it now I have tears in my eyes because I see how much you’ve grown and changed in a year. It’s still my favorite video ever. (Don’t stop watching it, because it gets really good about halfway in). Sophie, your silly faces and Sara, your fun yet seriousness about getting the song right sums up the way we see you every day –
  • We spent many chilly nights on the dock by a fire-
  • We welcomed Audrey into our world, although she was born a few days before the New Year (technically 2012)-
  • You got your ears pierced-
  • We visited with Aunt Wendy, who traveled all the way from Oman-
  • We enjoyed bonfires and marshmallows-

In February:

  • We visited with Beverly and Giani. They have a home here and in Colorado-
  • We enjoyed time with cousins and family-cousinsGigi and kids
  • We spent a day on the boat with Beverly and Giani-
  • We witnessed the wedding vows of Allison Greene and Jack Kelley. The girls were the flower girls in their wedding-
  • We had a fun picnic lunch on the dock: roasted hot dogs and marshmallows-

In March:

  • We visited with my cousin Rachael and her family-
  • We got fresh new do’s-
  • We played on the new swing that daddy hung from the big tree in the front yard-
  • We had lunch at Nolan’s on St. Patty’s Day-
  • Daddy and I had more fun with friends at Nolan’s Pub downtown-
  • We observed craziness-

Sara and Sophie

  • We dyed Easter eggs, made deviled eggs, hunted for baskets and spent the day with family on Easter day-
  • We went paddle boarding for the first time ever-

In April:

  • We tried kayaking for the first time and discovered the beach near our home-
  • Sara, you and I attended the Taylor Swift concert with our friends Laura and Kelly-
  • We visited with Nona and Grandpa Webber. They came and stayed for a week and we had such a fabulous time-

In May:

  • Daddy and I went with our friends Ray and Nicole to see Styx, and our friend Todd Sucherman rock it out on the drums-
  • We watched Sophie graduate preschool-
  • I enjoyed a wonderful Mother’s Day breakfast and a got a new kitten, that we named Baby. Daddy made me a fabulous dinner that night-
  • Our kind neighbors let us play in their paddle boat-

In June:

  • We watched Sara perform in her ballet studio recital-
  • We celebrated Ali’s 1st birthday-

Ali turns 1

  • We celebrated Sara’s 8th birthday-
  • We celebrated Frankie’s 3rd birthday-


In July:

  • We danced with sparklers, watched fireworks from the dock and got caught in the pouring rain while watching fireworks. It was one of my favorite memories, the 4 of us huddled under the big sun umbrella as we watched the fireworks light up the water and the rain fall from the same sky, all around us. We laughed so hard and got soaked!! –
  • We painted the house  a light gray, our front door orange and added cedar siding to the front room-
  • Daddy and I spent a weekend at the historic Vinoy Resort in St. Petersburg-
  • We stayed at the Hilton Orlando for our summer family vacation. We played in the pool, went to Disney World and met new friends, the Carril’s-
  • We received the great news that my cousin Kristen and her husband Sai are expecting baby number 2! It’s another girl and her name will be Olivia.-


In August:

  • Sophie started Kindergarden, Sara started 3rd grade and momma started Nursing school, semester 1-
  • Daddy and I found an abandoned kitten near the little bridge by our house on our walk home from dinner. We adopted her into our family and named her Bridgette-


  • Mommy read til she bled. There’s so much to read in nursing school- this is nursing school

In September:

  • I met a lot of new friends-
  • I had the best study partners, you two-

In October:

  • We made pumpkin bats-
  • We hosted a rehearsal dinner for Michael and Kendall Hoeft-
  • We went trick-or-treating down Main Street-
  • We kayaked to the park-
  • We enjoyed our first chilly night of the Fall-

In November:

  • Daddy and Mommy celebrated 13 years of marriage in North Carolina. Our friends Greg and Megan came by for a visit as well-
  • We celebrated Uncle Jakes 30th birthday-
  • We flew to Pennsylvania to be with our Webber family for Thanksgiving and played in lots of snow! We made snowmen, went sledding and snowmobiling and ate so much delicious food! I loved watching you two play with your cousins Chloe and Brenna!

In December: We celebrated Sophie’s 6th birthday-

  • We celebrated Ruby’s 4th birthday-

Sophie's 6th birthday

  • We attended the annual SH Christmas parade-
  • We celebrated our wonderful friend and neighbor Sus on her 70th birthday, along with lots of family and many friends who came from far away to be there! We are so blessed to have you in our life Sus!

photo 1

  • We visited Santa


  • We made treats for neighbors
  • We celebrated Christmas Day
  • We celebrated Daddy’s birthday

It was a wonderful year! I love you Sara, Sophie and Doug! The three of you make my life so wonderful, fun and complete.

There are so many more pictures and moments not included in this post. We had great times together, just the 4 of us, and with our family and friends. There were experiences and moments that are recorded in my memory that never made it to a permanent place in iPhoto, but will remain with me forever.

Happy 2014 friends and family! I hope your year brings: –

  1. Many unforgettable memories
  2. New things and experiences
  3. Travel to new and favorite places
  4. Delicious food
  5. Date nights out and date nights in ; )
  6. Stronger relationships
  7. Wisdom
  8. Health
  9. Success in all your endeavors
  10. Growth in every aspect of your life
  11. Love. Lots of love.
  12. Wealth
  13. Generosity if you are able to be generous and more so if you are unable to be generous. Give to those in need and to those whom you don’t think need.
  14. Gratitude for all that you’ve been blessed with, in the great times, in the times you succeed and when hardships arise. You’ll be lifted out of your hardship when you become grateful.  

These are the 14 things I wish for you and your family in 2014.

These are the things I plan for me and my family in 2014.

Happy New Year!