Christmas 2013

Christmas Eve brought with it cool weather, or cool for the Floridians at least (50*). The girls and I spent the day around the house. We baked cookies for Santa and prepared for Christmas day.

Doug came home in the early afternoon and prepped for our evening dinner together. Then he and Sophie gathered firewood for our Christmas Eve fire on the dock.

We roasted smores and sat by a fire on the dock in perfect chilly weather. Then we watched Frosty the Snowman on the iPad, while nestled under 4 blankets. It’s a memory I’lll never forget.

We escorted the girls in around 8:30 pm to open one gift each. Then we watched them sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn, for Rudolph.

Before we sent the girls to bed, Sara composed a letter addressed to Santa and Charles, and then we placed the cookies and milk on the table for the the two of them.

After tucking them into bed we spent a little more time by the fire before retiring indoors for the evening.

Doug made me a most guilty and delicious cheese fondue with apples, bread and kielbasa for dipping. We watched Christmas Vacation, our yearly tradition, and fell asleep on the couch at about 30 minutes in.

Christmas Eve 2013

At 2am Santa quietly delivered gifts under the tree. The excitement of watching the girls on Christmas day is my favorite! I can hardly wait to sit back and watch them open gifts and have fun.

The girls slept in til nearly 8 am. Daddy ran for Starbucks drinks, and in the meantime, we found a note and one gift for each girl on the table from our elf, Charles Kringle Webber.

The better part of the morning into lunchtime was spent opening gifts and enjoying each others delight. The girls got all kinds of great things including:

  • lots of clothing
  • shoes
  • make up
  • games
  • paper
  • Nutcrackers
  • a tea set
  • Medical bags (that momma put together with real medical supplies)
  • American Girl dolls
  • American Girl doll bed and chair
  • American Girl doll clothing

………and the list goes on.

Daddy’s top two gifts were headlights for his Mini Cooper and a new kayak sail. I think I’ll get a kayak sail too.

Momma got a new camera and lens, and if you’re wondering why I’d get those two items when I already have great stuff, then you’ll have to ask me why in person. I don’t want to have to remember the why every time I read this post. Anyways, I’m thrilled to be able to capture wonderful moments and memories (again) that I couldn’t possibly store in my long term memory with all the other photos, videos and moments I store there. I could have cried when I opened these gifts. Thanks babe!

We played with our gifts for a few hours while the Christmas music played and the fireplace burned bright…….

Christmas 2013

Christmas lunch that cooked in the oven, filled the air with deliciousness and warmth, and in the meantime, Doug and I enjoyed a little time relaxing on the dock, by a fire.

After Christmas lunch together, we packed the car with gifts and headed to my parents for the second part of Christmas Day.

My mom always does a wonderful job of decorating the house and table for Christmas.  When you walk inside my parents house, you’re instantly transported to a Christmas wonderland and a feeling of warmth and excitement. It feels good to be there.

The girls played with their cousins  outside and the adults conversed, prior to Christmas dinner.

Then we all sat down and enjoyed a lovely turkey dinner together with mashed potatoes, rolls, casseroles and lots of delicious sides to go along.

After dinner, we opened lots of gifts! The kids were so cute together. Everyone enjoyed watching them, especially when Audrey, the littlest, started handing out gifts.

Desserts came out next, before it was time to say our goodbyes.

It was a lovely evening with my family and I’m grateful that we got to be together. I was especially thankful to spend some quality time with Grabber (my grandma)! She’s doing well. Lately I haven’t had much time with her. We used to have lunch together on a weekly basis, along with my mom, Gigi, my cousin and my sisters. But, since starting the nursing program, I have been unable to attend and she isn’t able to make it to many of the family functions or birthday parties. Being with her on Christmas day was a highlight for sure, and I realized how much I miss our weekly lunches together.

It was another wonderful year and another fabulous Christmas day! I hope you had a great year and Christmas as well : ) Happy 2014 family and friends!!

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