It’s Christmas Time!

It’s Christmas time! School is out for the girls and momma! We are loving the break, sleeping in, freedom from homework and playing together.

Last week I sat through two days of orientation and spent one day of training on the floor at the new hospital I’ll be working at, Mease Dunedin Hospital. The unit I’m working on is a cardiac telemetry floor and very busy. I’ll be working one 12 hour shift a week in addition to my 4 days in school. I’m excited to get back in the hospital and help people who need it so much. I miss my Bayfront friends and the trauma unit a great deal, but this is new and I’m sure with time I’ll make new friends and be in my element once again, which is patent care.

But for now, I have some time off (until after Christmas at least) and I’m enjoying every second with Doug and the girls.

We’ve had some Christmas fun the past few days.

We walked downtown for the annual S.H. Christmas Parade on Saturday, as we have every year for the past 7 years. It’s a family tradition. The girls just love watching vintage firetrucks roll by, gymnasts doing cartwheels, fancy decorated cars, the Starbucks float, the candy and beads that are thrown their way and of course Santa Claus at the end. They usually see a friend or 2 performing in the parade as well. This year, Doug and I realized that our girls are growing up so fast. I remember the year we took Sara in her baby stroller, and now she’s 8. But, she’s still young and still filled with wonderment as she watches the parade.

Saturday night we celebrated our dear friend and neighbor Sus! She’s the most beautiful 70 year old I know. We enjoyed a lovely dinner, a live jazz band and dancing at the The Safety Harbor Resort and Spa to celebrate her birthday. People traveled from all around and far distances to be in attendance, which is a testament of the amazing person she is. I’m grateful we get to be apart of her life.

photo 1

On Sunday, Doug and the girls put the train together that circles around the Christmas tree.

Then we visited Santa and stopped at Starbucks for Christmas drinks.



Afterwards, we stopped by Roberts Christmas Town to see Christmas trees, little Christmas villages, and lots of lights. Doug purchased a set of orange flickering lights that mimic fire for our antique fireplace.

When we arrived home, the girls and Doug made caramel popcorn balls for neighbors. We haven’t distributed them yet (in case you’re our neighbor) because the hot caramel made the popcorn a little soft, which makes one think it’s stale, but it was all popped fresh. Maybe we will still send them out. The caramel was amazing.

During the afternoon Doug and I sat on the dock in 83* weather. But, there was a strong breeze, which allowed me to cuddle under my blanket, making it feel a little like Christmas time.

Doug made meatballs for Sunday family dinner and we watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with the girls during the evening.

Yesterday was spent buying last minute items, wrapping gifts and the annual Guruz Media Christmas party at one of my favorite places, Cafe Carmel. It was another great year and I’m amazed at the talent that surrounded me last night.


Today we bake cookies for Santa, wrap more gifts, roast marshmallows on the dock this afternoon (it’s supposed to be chilly), read the Christmas story with the girls and remember the real meaning of Christmas, watch The Polar Express with the girls, say our goodbyes to Charles Kringle Webber (our elf), open one gift before bedtime, place cookies and milk out for Santa, sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn, watch Christmas Vacation (while we wait for the girls to fall into dream land), eat naughty appetizer sized food, drink wine and before the day ends I’ll kiss Santa goodnight right after watching him deliver presents under the tree.

Merry Christmas family and friends. We wish you a wonderful new year ahead!