Purr-fect Sophie

When I asked Sophie what theme she wanted for her 6th birthday celebration, she said “cat”. So, we snapped a shot of her cute little face with one of the cats and sent out the Evites. Sophie's 6th birthday

We celebrated her birthday on the 7th of December, a week early, in an attempt to give her a 3 week span of fun with her new toys prior to Christmas.

In attendance were Sophie’s friends Aaron and Riley (Bailey was sick) and of course the family. Unfortunately, momma forgot to take pictures of the aunts and uncles and Mia and Papa. The little kitties running around the yard were too cute and captured the majority of my attention and camera space.

We started by making kitty collars and cat and tiger masks.

Then it was time for lunch which consisted of pizza for the kids (Sophie’s idea) and a beautiful chicken caesar salad for the adults with a side of bread with honey butter and fruit with fruit dip, thanks to Mr. Webber.

After lunch we played games. Cats love mice….right? The little cats had to hunt for mice around the yard while crawling on all fours, like cats do.

Then every little kitty received a paper tail made of black streamer paper. They had to run around the yard snatching each others tails, kinda like flag football except it was “flag tail”. This was their favorite game.

To end the round of games, we brought out the piñata. I don’t know why, but we never have a birthday party without a piñata. It’s like our signature birthday game. We broke it open after 3 kids, which is an all time record.

After games, we brought out the cat paw cupcakes and ice cream as we sang the birthday song to Sophie.

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Sopha/Sophie/Soph/Sophia/Sophareno……….

Then it was time for gifts.

Sophie received so many great gifts, and even better then that, lots of love!

Then it was time to say goodbye to our guests and give thank you hugs.

Thank you friends and family for celebrating Sophie with us!

Sophie's 6th birthday

After everyone left, we cleaned the house, napped, then walked downtown for dinner to celebrate Sophie, just the 4 of us. This is what I love!

Happy birthday to a beautiful, most loving and generous little 6 year old! You bring so much joy, laughter and love into our family. Momma, Daddy and Sara love you more then you could ever imagine!!

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