Art and Jazz

The weekend included Art and Jazz:

* Safety Harbor Third Friday Night– Every 3rd Friday, Main Street is closed to traffic and downtown buzzes with street vendors, live music at the gazebo, neighbors, friends, family, dogs, food, fun & beer.  We try to attend every 3rd Friday downtown. This year has been extra special since Sophie started kindergarden, because now she gets to meet up with her little friends from school. Sara has always had the chance to meet friends and now Sophie gets to join in the fun. Sophie’s girlfriend Loveday won 1st place for kindergarden in a school wide art contest. Her art will be displayed at City Hall, downtown.  At first, Sophie was bitter and jealous that she didn’t win, but it was a great teaching moment and a lesson in learning to be happy for others successes. I was very proud of how quickly she turned it around and “made over” Loveday  when it was time for Loveday to receive the metal at the gazebo, in front of a cheering Safety Harbor (and surrounding areas) crowd that gathered on 3rd Friday to celebrate.

* Clearwater Jazz Festival- Doug and I spent Saturday evening at the annual Clearwater Jazz Festival with our friends and neighbors Dario and Lisa. We picked up special passes which gave us access to backstage, bistro, hospitality and talent. Doug has a connection with the drummer for Tower of Power. We sipped wine, enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, and enjoyed time together before the show. Tower of Power went on around 9:15 pm. They were absolutely phenomenal. Brilliant. I could have danced all night long to the soulful, jazzy and upbeat hits.

Tower of Power
Tower of Power
Tower of Power
Tower of Power

* Halloween Costumes– On Sunday we took the girls in search of Halloween costumes (and succeeded), had a lunch date with them afterwards, napped in the afternoon and enjoyed a movie (the way a perfect weekend day should go). I also squeezed some good study time in.

Sophie and Sara had fun with the left over cob web decor:

Sara and Sophie

This morning we woke up to a slight fog over the water and a purple/gray sky. Our mangroves are being trimmed today, so that we have a better view of the bay. I love it.


Its feeling a little more like Fall everyday. If its not the weather that gives us the feeling of Fall, then its creating a scarecrow for Sara’s school project, Fall Fest coming up on Thursday night and plans of carving pumpkins with family over the weekend that helps us sense that Fall has arrived. I can’t wait to bring out the fire pit again for chilly nights on the dock with the girls and Doug. This is my favorite time of the year.

Today is beautiful. I have the day off (for teacher in-service) and a coffee in my hand. I will spend the next 4 hours in quiet as I accomplish 3 of the projects that have to be finished for school this week. As you can see, I’m spending a little time doing what I want to do and not on what I have to do, but I’m ok with that. I needed some “me” time this morning. Do you hear me justifying??

Enjoy your week!