Beautiful Weekend!

It was a beautiful weekend. Beautiful in so many ways.

Friday, Doug took the day off work, I took the day off studying and we prepared for a rehearsal dinner that would take place at our house later that evening. We had so much fun cooking, cleaning and decorating the house together and the best part about it was that the girls were in school so we ran around without interruptions. Doug’s business partners son Michael, the groom- to-be and his fiancé Kendall, the bride- to-be were the love birds we celebrated. Doug’s business partner Tracey and his wife Laura are not just partners in business, but dear friends of ours as well.

Friday night was beautiful. Beautiful family and friends gathered to surround the soon-to-be married couple. A beautiful bride and groom to-be anticipated their big day and we got to witness it. The setting was beautiful.  And, there was beautiful food, beautiful toasts, beautiful weather and beautiful laughs that filled the evening.

Saturday was equally as beautiful as we got to witness Michael and Kendall transition to husband and wife. It was a beautiful wedding and I enjoyed being in the moment, so much so that I failed to take pictures. I remember that spectacular day when Doug and I said ” I do”. It was the best day of my life, but I wouldn’t go back for a second, because our life and marriage has only gotten better with each passing year. I wish you the same Michael and Kendall……. a life of love and happiness and for each day to be better then the day before.

Sunday was beautiful as well. I didn’t pick up a nursing book. No, not one! We spent the day kayaking and relaxing in the suns rays. We even spotted a bald eagle on our way to the beach at the park. When we landed at the park, we pulled out snacks, which consisted of cheese, olives and popcorn. Then after arriving home from our big kayak adventure,  we made meatball subs out of the left over meatballs from the rehearsal dinner. We spent the afternoon and evening watching football, playing checkers with the girls, eating Halloween decorated donuts (I know, I know) and watching a movie after the girls were in bed. Beautiful!

This weekend couldn’t have been better. I’m grateful for some much needed time away from school work and time with family and friends.

I’m ready for the week ahead and excited for clinicals, now that I’ve had some time to rest and be with my family. I love both parts of my life, which seems so separate to me; the nursing student part and the wife and momma part. The balance between the two is perfect.

Have a beautiful week family and friends!

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