She’s Me!

This afternoon Sophie and I bonded while watching a wound dressing change video tutorial. She’s me. She will definitely be a nurse someday. As soon as I pressed play on the computer to activate the tutorial, she stood watching intently, asking pertinent questions along the way (critical thinking is important). Then after a minute, she settled in by hopping on my lap with her blankie and cuddling with me for the duration of the 15 minute video. Like I said, it was bonding time for us. We enjoy the same things: wound dressing changes.

Sara came in shortly after to catch a glimpse of the tutorial and ran away screaming.  Sophie’s response, “Geesh, it’s just sutures”.

Other evidence that she’s me and will be in healthcare someday include but are not limited to:

  1. The time  I was cutting up a whole chicken to grill for dinner and she asked me if the heart was still in the chicken, and if she could please see it.
  2. Last week when she grinned at the mirror as blood ran out of her nostril and into the sink. The first time Sara had a bloody nose, she almost passed out after hyperventilating. It took her an hour to calm down.
  3. The times she runs to grab bandaids for anyone who has a cut in the household.
  4. The time she helped Daddy clean and bandage a very big open wound on his toe that probably should have been sutured.
  5. Her lack of disgust as I explained every detail of what was happening inside her body, after her X-ray revealed blockage in her colon. She was fascinated and took pride in her recovery, as well as observing the process (in the toilet), which is pretty gross and head turning  to most 5 year olds.
  6. Today, as she watched a dry dressing change video with me. She was as interested in that as she is when she watches her favorite movie The Little Mermaid.
watching how to do a dry dressing change
watching how to do a dry dressing change

I could go on, there are many more instances, but I think I’ve proven my point.  She’s me.

The rest of this post has nothing to do with the title of this post, but rather random photo’s from the last 2 weeks. I don’t get a chance to write as often as I’d like because reading my Nursing Fundamentals book, watching tutorials, studying for weekly quizzes and skills evaluations and working on 2 projects coming up take precedence. But, I have managed to take time to set all of that aside to be with my family on scheduled times throughout the evening and weekends and I’m taking time now for me, to write. Then I’ll be back to 5 hours of studying tonight. Ha.

So here are some random photo’s taken from my phone:

One of Sara’s best buddie’s Dayna spent Saturday with us. They aren’t in class together this year and for the first half of the summer Sara cried about it. But, since Dayna lives right around the corner, they’ve had many playdates together, probably more now then when they were in class together.

We walked downtown for lunch at the new sandwich shop on Main Street, then spent the afternoon kayaking and playing on the little beach we discovered in front of the Spa. We got caught in rain on our way in, which the girls found quite fun. We made it inside right before a monsoon hit.

The Sandwich Shop on Main The Sandwich Shop on Main

The Sandwich Shop on Main
The Sandwich Shop on Main

Sara, Dayna and Sophie Sara and Dayna

Poor Sopha has been sick all week. Tuesday at 1:30 am I rushed her to After Hours Pediatrics for a dry and very barky cough and difficulty breathing. We arrived there only to find out that “after hours” means 5pm-11pm and does not include middle of the night hours. So, we headed home and made a few trips to the steamy shower to break up the cough. I skipped school, only after calling the absence line and my professor (thank God I have a wonderful professor that I adore, because its a big deal to miss class in the Nursing program) and took her to the doc first thing the next morning. She was diagnosed with croup and given steroids. She’s doing much better today.


Sick Sophie

Bridgette has found her best friend. It’s Tigger. She is the perfect addition to our family.

What?!? Please leave us alone.
What?!? Please leave us alone.
Bridgette and Tigger

That’s it. It’s bath time, lunch making time, dinner with Doug then study time……again.

Have a great night friends and family, and don’t forget that I love you, even when I’m not around. I will be back someday soon, I promise. xoxo


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