The First Week

It’s been a week. A great week. A busy week. The first week of big new things. Kindergarden, 3rd grade, nursing school, hair styles and a kitten are all new things to us. I’ll tell you about the kitten later.

New hair cuts before school starts
New hair cuts before school starts

First day of school

First day of school
First day of 3rd grade
First day of kindergarden

First day of school

Nursing Student
First day of nursing school

First day of school

We went into this first week with a plan and it’s been a good week because of it.

The girls love their teachers and are making new friends. I’m studying my a*# off and reading a ton, but I love what I’m learning because it’s what I’m passionate about. Doug is starting new projects around the house (you should see what he accomplished this weekend! I’ll post pics soon)  to keep his mind off the fact that even though I’m home, I’m not really home. This is different for him because he’s the one who’s usually gone, with all the traveling he does.

However, I will say, I’m home a lot more then I thought I’d be and the time I spend with the girls and Doug is “engaged” time. I appreciate every second.

study. study. study.
study zone

The Saturday night before we started school, Doug and I hired a sitter and planned an afternoon together. We wanted a little  alone time together before the craziness of our new schedule began. So, we kayaked for a while, then walked downtown for a food tour, just the 2 of us. We started our journey at a new place in town, L5, which I highly recommend. We ordered appetizers and drinks there, then wandered over to Green Springs for dinner and wine and finished our tour at Coldstone for ice cream. On our walk home, as we crossed the little walking bridge that welcomes us to our neighborhood, a very small and rather cute kitten poked her head out of the bushes and made her way over to Doug (because she must have sensed that Doug loves cats). Doug fell in love right away then proclaimed, “She’s a Webber!”, and justified it all by saying that we saved her from the coyotes that roam the neighborhood and eat kittens during snack time. I will say she is really cute and I don’t want her to be eaten by coyotes.

We named her Bridgette, since we found her by the bridge.


We are officially the crazy cat family, as there are now 3 cats roaming our home along with 2 little people. But, I love it and I love Bridgette. She fits right in.

We’re ready for a new week and the new challenges that come our way. But, we are also prepared for the things we know we can be ready for. The meals are planned out, there are groceries in the fridge, there is time set aside to be together (written in stone), time set aside for studying, time set aside for rest, time set aside for studying (oh I already said that) and time set aside for a little playtime (kayaking and movies). So, I feel ready for the week. I refuse to let life run me. I’ll run and manage it!

I hope you have a great week friends and family. xoxo


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