Vacation Bound

Last night we sent two very anxious little Webber girls to bed at 8:30, so they could get some good rest for vacation today. Doug and I started eating dinner around 9:30, a fresh and delicious stir fry. Right around 9:43, the girls suspiciously tiptoed out to the living room with half grins on their faces. They never come out of their room after we say goodnight and close the door for bedtime. Call us old school parents, but they know not to come out. Last night, they broke the rules, possibly because they knew we might be lenient before vacation. Then in harmony they said, “Sorry, its just that we can’t sleep! We’re too excited for vacation”. So, we were lenient. They joined us on the couch and we watched Chopped on Food Network, while eating stir fry. You can’t watch Food Network without eating food. The girls skipped the vegetables and ate a bowl of jasmine rice and peanut sauce.
We’re on our way now. Vacation bound. The girls woke us at 7 am sharp. There’s a big surprise in store for the girls! I can’t share now, because Sara finds her way to my blog quite often. She loves reading the stories, her stories. Orlando, here we come!


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