Yay Purple

Sara’s 8 and 8 is great! June 24th was her actual birthday, an ordinary Monday for most but an extraordinary Monday for us! I took the day off and the girls and I hopped in the car and headed to the bowling alley with Sara’s friend Dayna. It was the girls first time bowling and they loved it. Sopha won! I won during that game too and it wasn’t the game I won but a call I received from a nice lady on the other end who said, “You won”. Ok maybe those weren’t her words, but in my mind that’s exactly what I heard, because she informed me that I had been chosen to participate in the Earn As You Learn RN program and was accepted into nursing school (see post here). I started screaming and I think the elderly bowlers a few lanes down were confused by the commotion I was making. Maybe they thought I was happy to be winning against 8 year olds. I would be happy about that though.

bowling bowling

Soph wins!
Soph wins!

After the game we headed to lunch. The girls chose Chic-Fil-A. Then we were back home in time to welcome Daddy back home from a trip he had taken to Austin. birthday lunch

He came home very sick and had spent the last two days of his trip in a hotel bed. I hated that for him and wished I could have been there to take care of him. He told me later that he felt so bad, he almost bought me a plane ticket to Austin, so I could be with him. I had to leave work early on Tuesday to transport him to the ER. After visiting the Bayfront Convenient Care Clinic, they thought he had meningitis. That’s the last thing anyone wants to hear. Thankfully it was not meningitis but a very bad virus that induced shingles on his back. With some IV fluid and the right meds he started feeling much better.

this is how he really feels about being at the ER
this is how he really feels about being at the ER
The ER isolation room reminded me of a mechanics garage except for the human body instead of a car.

Doug rested for the week and the girls and I got ready for Sara’s birthday party that would take place on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday morning we were up early and headed to iParty for balloons. There was barely enough space in the car for the girls and I with all the balloons we took home!

balloons balloons balloons

Sara wanted to spend some time at the mall before her party so we let her choose one friend to take along. We ended up at International Plaza for manicures, shopping at H&M with birthday money and lunch with her friend Dayna. Sara requested a taco bar for her party, so while we were at the mall, Doug and Soph made 2 different types of salsa, guacamole,meat and all that goes along with taco’s.

birthday fun birthday fun birthday fun birthday fun

The party started at 4:30 and this year we only invited family, Savannah (nanny) and two of Sara’s closest friends.

The theme: Yay Purple.

It was a great day!

Sara, some of your gifts included:




flip flops



gift cards

purple rug

jewelry box


lava lamp


monkey pj’s

Taylor Swift perfume

nail polish

Dear Sara B,

I love you more than words can express. You are such a smart, creative, thoughtful and beautiful young lady. I will never forget the moment that I laid eyes on you 8 years ago and you will never remember all the kisses I gave you the moment you were placed in my arms. I thank God for you everyday!! Happy birthday Sara B! xoxoxo



P.S. you can read about the day you were born here.

One thought on “Yay Purple”

  1. Enjoyed your story. Congratulations on being accepted into your nursing program. Sorry to hear about Doug’s illness. Glad he’s better.

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