Summer Fun

Our summer has consisted of great fun so far which includes:

The 1st day of summer: hiding in a safe place as a tornado and strong winds and rain hit the harbor. Doug was out of town and for a while there, I was scared. Debris hit the front windows causing all of us (including cats) to run to our safe spot. Of course, because its Florida, the sun was shining an hour later and we headed to my parents house for lunch and ice cream with cousins.

Sara hangs on to her most precious belongings in the storm: baby and baby

Tornado watch spot

Over the weekend we purchased kayaks, which is a great form of exercise and a whole new world past our dock. Don’t get me wrong, we still love our “lounging” time on the dock with great music and a beer or two, but getting out there is nice as well. We spent Sunday and Wednesday night kayaking and landed on our little beach in front of the SH Spa.

we found our kayaks, life vests and water shoes!
we found our kayaks, life vests and water shoes!

kayakingThis past weekend we also celebrated a great school year for Sara and Sophie. Sara made straight E’s (equal to straight A’s) and was tested for gifted (per teachers request) with not just average or above average scores, but at the high end of moderately above average scores, almost at the significantly above average score. Ok now I’m bragging, but I’m proud! We had planned a special night out to celebrate, and last minute we decided to invite one of Sara’s best friends, Dayna, for dinner as well. We took them to dinner at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, because its every kids favorite place to eat; they get to watch magic tricks performed with the food they’re about to eat. They always eat everything on their plate.

Sophie, Sara, Dayna Sara and Dayna Kobe Japanese Steakhouse Kobe Japanese Steakhouse

Then we  drove to ice cream with the windows down and the music blaring, which the girls loved (as seen in the pics below).

car ride

car ride car ride car ride

The summer wouldn’t be fun without action.  Sopha dropped a 10 lb. weight on her foot the other day while shopping in Target, but don’t worry, she had her own personal leg holder for the times I wasn’t carrying her. I almost thought we were going to need x-rays.


Sara’s into Nancy Drew and we’ve started the summer reading program at the SH library. Nancy Drew

We’re also taking advantage of the free movies at the Countryside Mall Movie Theater. On Tuesday we saw Charlottes Web.   We splurged on dollar donuts as opposed to the $50 worth of movie theater popcorn (1 small bag) and a drink.

movie theater

We also got to see a baby gator cross the road the other day! Ewwwww!alligator crossing

And, I’ll leave you with this picture, Sophie and Baby. We love our new baby!

I hope you’re having a great summer so far!!Baby and Sophie

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