Vist with Nona and Grandpa Webber

Doug’s parents came to town 2 weeks ago. They stayed for a week and slept at the SH Resort and Spa, walking distance from our house. We enjoyed a great week with them and took the girls out of school on three of the days they were here, so it felt like vacation for us too.

On Monday when they arrived we  met for coffee at Starbuck’s, did a Target run for some items Nona left at home and gifts for the girls and grabbed lunch at the Grill downtown. The girls were thrilled to see Nona at pick up time. Our first night, we played games and grilled a whole chicken with black beans and rice. Much of this post will contain talk of food because Doug and his mom love cooking together and I love that even more.

IMG_1430 with Nona and Grandpa Webber dock time

On Tuesday I had to work, I took vacation time for the rest of the week so it was the only day I had to work while they were here. Doug took his parents to Mazzaro’s Italian Market, one of their favorite places to visit when they come. I was glad they went because after a long and busy 12 hour shift, it was wonderful to come to the smell of Mom’s stuffed artichokes (my favorite) and sausage for sausage sandwiches. Everything was ready to eat when I arrived home and a glass of red was waiting for me. Fresh bread and pastries sat on the counter as well. Preparing food for loved ones is the way a Webber expresses love.

Mazzaro's Italian Market- that's cheese
Mazzaro’s Italian Market- that’s cheese
Mazzaro's Italian Market- cheese
Mazzaro’s Italian Market- cheese
Mazzaro's Italian Market
Mazzaro’s Italian Market
Mazzaro's Italian Market
Mazzaro’s Italian Market
Mazzaro's Italian Market
Mazzaro’s Italian Market
Mom Webber's stuffed artichokes
Mom Webber’s stuffed artichokes

Mom Webber in the kitchen Mom Webber in the kitchen IMG_1529


Wednesday was the first day we took the girls out of school. We headed to mini golf first, then the mall for ice cream and finished the afternoon at the movie theater to see the movie The Croods, which was great by the way. After our movie we headed to Macaroni Grill, one of Mom’s favorite places to eat.

mini golf movies dinner at Macaroni Grill

Thursday Sopha and Nona planted green beans then we visited the Farmers market and antique shops (for Mom) downtown and landed at the Spa for an afternoon of swimming . That night we made a fabulous steak dinner with a shrimp cocktail appetizer, a side of creamy risotto and a caprese salad.

gardening with Nona Overlooking the pool caprese shrimp cocktail

The moon was beautiful that night.

full moon

Friday we went back to the Spa for more swimming all day long. Then we ordered a pizza and tried to stay awake for a movie because that’s all we had energy to do after being in the sun all day.

pool play

bloody mary

Saturday we were up early and went to breakfast at a small diner on Main Street. Then we packed into the car and took a trip to Sarasota to visit Ellenton Outlet Mall. The girls left with new shades.

shopping at Ellenton Outlets new shades

On our way home we stopped for the best greasy burgers at El Cap in St. Pete.

El Cap burger

Then we came home and relaxed for a while before the cooking started again. Doug slow cooked ribs on the grill, Mom made macaroni salad (one of my favorites) and dad made roasted potatoes.

ribs ribs Mom Webber's amazing macaroni salad

Sunday, their last day here, we did took a ton of photo’s of the girls for Mom to take back and show her friends. Sara and Sophie Sara and Sophie Sara and Sophie Sopha dock time Sara and Sophie with Nona Sara and Sophie with Grandpa dock time vacation the girls

Then we went to the park for more photos and ice cream before saying our goodbyes.

park play park play IMG_park play1744 ice cream with Nona Webber Sophie Sophie

We had a wonderful week with Nona and Grandpa Webber and we miss them already. The girls and I cried as we said goodbye. It’s very hard to watch them go and I know they miss the girls terribly being so far away, but I’m so grateful for the time we had together.

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