We’re painting the outside of the house! We started prep last week and began painting on Saturday. I’m so excited for the final product. We’ve been working for over a week and if you drive by the house, you’ll know we’re finished when the door is green. I’ll post pics of the before and after when we’re done…hopefully this weekend.

The reward for our hard labor in the hot sun was a fabulous night out with our friends Ray and Nicole to see the rock star drum legend and our good friend Todd Sucherman with Styx.

The night started with a Wendy’s cheeseburger (very gross but we were desperate and only meant to run in and pee), then an expensive tall can of Corona and finally our VIP and after party passes.

The show was awesome and of course I think Todd Sucherman is the greatest star on stage! He truly is an amazing drummer, almost as good as you Mr. Webber!

After the show we ran back stage and spent a good 1 1/2 hours hanging with Todd over wine and beer. I love you Todd!

On our way home we hit the 8th Ave Pub on Main Street for several pizzas (like college kids) and nonsense talk before calling it a night.

IMG_3770 Styx Styx Styx IMG_3773 Styx Styx Styx Styx

Great night with great friends!