Stranded On A Beach In Front Of A Resort

Since Doug and I have had serious discussions of purchasing kayaks lately,  we decided to borrow our friends’ kayaks this past weekend and try them out before moving forward with a purchase. Saturday afternoon we threw our bathing suits on, lathered sun screen on our bodies, then departed from our dock via kayaks.

Kayaking beach

We rowed our boats around to the SH Resort and Spa where we discovered a small beach. The girls pretended they were stranded on a lonely island. They made sand angels (sorry to all of our friends up North who may still be making snow angels) and played chase. They played in the sand and water and we spotted several horseshoe crabs, including a mommy and baby swimming piggyback together (or so we think).

Kayaking Kayaking Kayaking beach sand angel sand angel IMG_3680 beach beach beach

Horseshoe crabsKayaking

Then we paddled around the bay and relaxed a bit in the kayaks as the water rocked us into calm/nap mode.

Kayaking Kayaking Kayaking Kayaking IMG_3704

After playtime in the water ended, we laid on the dock for a while for nap time.

Then we went in and made homemade grilled pizzas. Doug always makes his own dough because it tastes so much better that way. We tried to get through a movie, but ended up taking a walk downtown for ice cream at Coldstone. Our sun burned bodies needed a cold treat. I think every one of us was sleeping by 9 pm. A day in the sun promotes sleep.

Pizza dough pizza toppings homemade grilled pizza homemade grilled pizza

Sunday we took another trip to the stranded beach in front of the Spa. The water was much choppier and we spotted several dolphins. So, we rowed quickly towards them. We got pretty close several times and when we finally lost sight of them, I quickly felt a headache approach as my eyes rapidly moved back and forth the bay in desperate search of them again. I even dropped the family at the dock and rowed off on my own in hopes of a dolphin encounter but did not succeed. Next time. BTW, the pics aren’t great and don’t do justice because they were taken with my phone.

dolphin dolphin dolphin Kayaking


That afternoon Doug slow cooked ribs on the grill with a mustard sauce that was amazing. We enjoyed Sunday dinner together as a family.

ribs ribs

It was a mini vacation weekend at home, the kind of weekend I adore! Sun burned bodies, good food, margarita’s, dolphins, beach, exercise, music, kayaking, family time, dock time and sleepy heads are the words that summed up our weekend.

Saturday night Sara and I will attend the Taylor Swift concert with friends. Sara is so excited and I think the show will be life changing for her. Sophie and Doug will be go on a special date night while we are away.

Doug’s parents arrive on Sunday night. We are very excited to see them. We will spend a lot of time cooking, eating out, visiting Italian markets (Mazarro’s), baking cookies and pastries and swimming at the Spa. The girls can hardly wait to see Nona and Grandpa Webber.

Happy early weekend family and friends!