My Advice To You

Don’t drive a motorcycle.

Don’t get so inebriated that you don’t realize you’re being stabbed in the abdomen until you awaken from your drunken state.

Don’t drive a motorcycle.

If you’re done with life, seek help and don’t jump from a short bridge into deep water.

Don’t drive a motorcycle.

Don’t flash loads of cash in a convenient store, then walk out and not expect to get shot several times!

Don’t get so inebriated that you can’t fight back when being assaulted in the street.

Don’t drive a motorcycle.

Please watch for cars when you cross the street. Please get off your phone and watch for cars!

Don’t join the gang Hell’s Angels. I know it’s a brotherhood, but it could ruin your life. You may go to prison for 20 years then find yourself bing drinking for 6 weeks straight only to end up in the hospital. Then you’ll have to have a brain scan done

Don’t ride as a passenger on a motorcycle.

If you have to operate a fork lift, I suggest that you place the operators manual in close reach. If the fork lift falls on your feet, you may need to instruct your co-workers or the paramedics on how to get the fork lift up off your feet so you don’t bleed to death.

Don’t even purchase the motorcycle.

Don’t become a prison inmate because inmates will beat you up.

Watch for buses!

Don’t drive a motorcycle.

Eat healthy and stop smoking cigarettes.

Don’t get into bar fights/disputes, especially near a pool table where pool sticks can be used as weapons.

Don’t drive a motorcycle.

If you’re cleaning the gutters from the rooftop (which is likely with all the rain), please don’t fall off or through the roof.

Love the ones you’re with and tell them everyday! Show them you love them everyday.

Be thankful for life

and lastly…..

Don’t drive a motorcycle or a moped!