Private Island

Sunday afternoon we borrowed our neighbors paddle board and explored life beyond the dock. We’ve been talking about purchasing kayaks or a jet ski so that we can play in the water on the weekends, so we felt this would be a good way to try it out first. After some time out there, I think we will definitely make that happen soon. We’re looking for kayaks now. I’m seeing a picnic on the water in our near future and I’m hoping to meet a dolphin that I can call my own. Maybe we would swim together on the weekends and if when we can’t swim together, maybe he’d swim over and say hi to me with his squeaky little “arr arr”  voice while I’m reading a book on the dock. I love dolphins, but not dolphin earrings or dolphin figurines.

paddle boarding paddle boardingpaddle boardingpaddle boarding paddle boarding paddle boarding paddle boarding paddle boarding paddle boarding

The girls asked if we would take them to the little island piece of land attached to our side yard. It’s only accessible by water because the mangroves are too high to walk out there. That’s why it seems like an island to them. Is that considered a peninsula or a cape?  They would have stayed there all day if the little crab that resides there hadn’t run up Sara’s arm. They found a coconut too, which made it feel like a real island.

paddle boarding

paddle boarding paddle boarding

Sara’s a great paddle boarder. She’s got great balance and she’s strong, probably from ballet class.

paddle boarding paddle boarding

paddle boardingpaddle boarding paddle boarding

Three things you should know before watching this video:

1. I love my daughter. Have you ever been a passenger on a plane when they inform you that in an emergency situation you should put your oxygen mask on first, before helping another? You can’t help a loved one if you’re panicking or not alive, right?!?! I didn’t abandon my daughter, Mr. Webber.

2. I’m a much faster/ better paddle boarder when my daughter isn’t riding along.

3. I’m going to work out soon, then I’ll ditch the momma swim suit.