St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

This weekend we blared Irish tunes on Pandora and opened the windows in the front room because most of our weekend was spent in the front yard. Now that I’m working, I love being home on the weekends. I wouldn’t care if we never left our little paradise. On Saturday, Doug hung a swing in the front yard for the girls. They played on the swing most of the day while he and I worked in the front garden planting orange and yellow Marigolds for spring to replace our red and white petunias from Christmas.We laid dark brown mulch as well, which gives the flowers and plants a nice pop and differentiation. It’s officially spring.

new swing new swing new swing new swing new swing new swing new swing new swing new swing new swing new swing new swing new swing

Sara’s girlfriend Harlow, who just moved across the street, came to play for the afternoon. I love that she has a neighborhood buddy now.

Harlow and Sara Harlow and Sara

Sara made all E’s on her report card which is equivalent to all A’s, so Saturday night we took them to dinner to celebrate and then to Claires for new earrings. Sara, we are so proud of you and your hard work!

On Sunday we finished our work in the front flower bed and the girls helped.gardening gardening gardening gardening gardening

We watched runners and walkers run and walk the Nolan’s Pub 5K and made sure to set the mood with blaring Irish tunes streaming from the front room. It’s a great sound system and helped give the runners a little pep in their step.  Then we walked downtown for beer and bad food at Nolan’s Pub that afternoon. We spent the afternoon by a fire and one last time of roasting marshmallow’s before saying goodbye to winter.

Nolan's Pub 5K IMG_0387 Nolan's Pub 5K St. Patty's Day St. Patty's Day

Sara’s really into drumming and singing lately. Doug’s been teaching her a little and she’s pretty good. This video doesn’t capture it enough, but she’s catching on.

Monday afternoon Doug surprised me with a last minute date night. He ordered a sitter and we hopped in the car like DINKS to see a movie and  have dinner. I thought The Incredible Burt Wonderstone was a great movie, but he wasn’t as impressed. Either way, it was nice to be alone without the kiddies. We had a few appetizers and a glass of wine at our favorite spot, Cafe Carmel, afterwards. It was a great way to start the week.

Have  great week family and friends.

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