Visit with the Kelloggs

Last weekend the girls and I got to spend an afternoon visiting with some of my favorite people. My cousin Racheal and her family are in town from NY, so everyone met at my grandparents house to eat and catch up with the Kelloggs. Racheal and I spent the afternoon talking non stop, trying to catch up on each others lives over the past year, since the last time we were together. We are never short on words and we always pick up right where we left off. Gigi put on a great lunch spread and there was plenty of desserts too. Growing up, my cousin Racheal was  actually more of a big sister to me. She took me to football games with her friends, roller skating a few times and invited me to spend the night often. I looked up to her and because she is 9 years older than me, I felt so special hanging out with her. I was her little side kick. I remember when she met her husband Jon and the first time I met him at Champs, the store he worked at. I remember when she called to tell me she was engaged and the day she asked if I would be in her wedding. Racheal holds a very special place in my heart and her beautiful family does too. Her three sons are the kind of boys that I pray my girls will meet someday. Sara and Jo (her youngest) had fun playing together, especially near the end of our visit when they finally warmed up to the idea that they could play chase together and enjoy it. I’m so glad we got to be with you Racheal, Jon, Jake, Jesse and Jo! We love and miss you guys!!

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