Initiation To Big Girlhood

Last weekend we took the girls to the mall to get their ears pierced. It was initiation to big girlhood. Sara was super nervous and Sophie was nonchalant. Sara decided that Sophie should go first so that she could see how bad it would be, then make up her mind on wether or not to do it. What she didn’t realize is that, after watching her baby sister go through with it, she’d have to go through with it. Sara can’t let Sophie show her up. Glad it worked out that way.

They both got their ears pierced and they both did pretty good. I don’t think Sophie was fully aware of what was about to happen. She cried a little lot afterwards but then she was happy. Sara stayed strong so that she could tell everyone that Sophie cried and that she didn’t.

Then we bought Godiva chocolate and headed to dinner to celebrate.


Ears Pierced


Ears Pierced Ears Pierced Ears Pierced


Ears Pierced Ears Pierced Ears Pierced Ears Pierced

So gorgeous!