Sara and Sophia at the pool
Sara and Sophia at the pool
Family vacation July 2012

This is a really boring and whiny post, hence the cute picture of girls from vacation last week that hopefully makes up for the post since the picture has nothing to do with the content.

We had great time on our little family vacation that began the end of last week and took us through the weekend….more on that later…BUT,we came home to a non-functioning computer. It looks as though my computer might be ok, but the last 6 months of pics, posts, speech and religion papers are gone because my hard drive appears to be dead.
Doug and I talked about starting a new blog on WordPress because unfortunately the blog platform I was using (iWeb) is only accessible from my computer and Apple has done away with iWeb, so there will be no more updates. And, the most important reason being that it’s not secure and if my hard drive crashes and is not backed up, there goes all my posts. Yep, that just happened. Fortunately, since the content is still on my site, I have the tedious job of cutting and pasting all the posts from my blog online to my new site (unless anyone has a better suggestion).

I have about 6 weeks left before Microbiology starts, so it’s back to work for me……learning WordPress and transfering all my stuff. Its my new “study” and I’m tired of typing on my iPad… goodbye!

BTW, I don’t love this blog design and theme, but it will be a little while to get things up and running and to my liking. Hoping and praying that my computer is still salvageable and that it’s not dead along with my hard drive. I will find out tomorrow. Prayers, well wishes, good thoughts etc. etc. Please!