Happy Birthday Frankie

Frankie's 2nd birthday
Frankie’s 2nd birthday

Frankie's 1st birthday

Sunday afternoon we celebrated Frankie’s 2nd birthday. He’s the only little man in the family and currently surrounded by not only his sister, but 7 girl cousins. My sister Emmy is pregnant with their 3rd and due in December, so maybe Frankie will get a brother or continue to be the only boy in the family. We shall see. He got to celebrate his birthday surrounded by mostly girls, except his little buddy Devin and Jimmie. Thanks boys for your support!

There is lots of family in town that are here to meet baby Allie and to celebrate Frankie’s birthday and the 4th of July. Frankie had fun opening all his gifts but couldn’t figure out why, when given a gift/toy, it was quickly taken away and replaced by another gift or toy. We had to keep it moving….there were lots of gifts. I think he was over it at one point because he got up and found his way to the toy box full of toys that he felt no one would confiscate.

My sister and mom did a great job with the food and the decorations were so cute. The kids played outside on the new horsey swing, sand box and play gym.

Poor Sara B. had to stay back because she was still recovering from being sick, but she had fun with Daddy. They went to see Brave together and since she was starting to get her appetite back, they got a bight to eat as well.

For our July 4th celebration, we plan on grilling corn, slow cooking pork for pulled pork sandwiches, and making homemade cole slaw starting tonight and continuing into to tomorrow. We’ll probably attend the parade on MainStreet in the morning, then we will enjoy food, drinks and sweets with a few of our friends and watch the fireworks from the dock. I love summertime!

Happy 4th friends and family!

Will it be a another girl or will Frankie get a brother??


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