Fun Family Weekend

Poor little Sophie J has the flu. She woke up Monday morning crying as she ran to the bathroom, so I made her rest on the couch all day. Yesterday I took her to the doctor where they confirmed the flu. She was up all night long with a belly ache and the only thing that seems to make her feel better is when I lightly rub her belly or back. I feel so bad for her….she’s miserable. I’m very grateful for my wonderful girlfriends who live close by and have helped this week while I take care of her; picking Sara up from school and bringing me Starbuck’s. Today we will sit outside for a bit to get a little vitamin D. We need to get out after 3 days of being in.

Sick SophiaSick Sophia

At least she had a great weekend and the sickness waited until the weekdays.

Saturday was the 3 year anniversary ofGuruz Media! So, Friday Doug made Chicken, Steak, and Pork Fajita’s along with several types of salsa and beans & rice for the staff to celebrate 3 great years and Cinco de Mayo. We cooked Thursday night, finished Friday morning and then headed to the office for our celebration. The food was amazing. Nothing less from Doug!

Doug working on Cinco de Mayo lunch for Guruz staff
Doug working on Cinco de Mayo/Anniversary party lunch for Guruz staff

Saturday we spent the morning being lazy, reading and resting in the sun. Then Saturday afternoon we decided to take the girls for a walk downtown to get dinner at Whistle Stop and cupcakes at Pick Your Poison Cupcake Cafe.

Sunday morning we headed over to Busch Gardens for the day. It’s been a while since we’ve been there; I think Soph was only 2 the last time we went. The girls had so much fun riding the little roller coaster, climbing the big tree house, observing big animals, riding the train and sky ride and seeing the new Iceploration show. We stayed all day, almost until we were kicked out at closing time.

I will be posting pictures from our trip to California soon…hopefully. It was a wonderful trip away with Doug that I’m really missing today.

Have a great Wednesday!