Food Truck’s and Persian Dinner

Persian Dinner with the Arasteh's

Food truck rally

A portion of Main Street was blocked off on Saturday and lined with food trucks. Doug and I are big Food Network and Cooking Channel fans, so we like watching either Tyler Florence (Great Food Truck Race) or Eat Street (street food) in the evenings. When we heard about the food truck’s lining up downtown, we decided to take the girls for a walk down Main St.  to try a few different things for lunch. Food truck’s are big on the west coast and slowly starting to make their way to our area.

Doug ordered from 3 Suns Organic and got the ~ Grass-fed Beef Shoulder – Slow braised in a Petite Syrah Beurre Rouge finished with White Truffle oil and complimented with a trailside Venezuelan Chimichurri on fresh baked Cuban roll (I cut and pasted this description from their online menu. My memory isn’t that great. Ha).

I ordered a monkey roll from Fire Monkey which is a chicken wrap with plantains mozzarella and chimichurri and a few other delicious ingredients.

The girls got a slice of pizza.

Then we splurged and  ordered donuts (with vanilla glaze) from Ritter’s Mini Donuts. The donuts were hot and amazing by themselves, but the glaze was a nice finishing touch.

Saturday night, our friends, who are also neighbors invited us to join them for a Persian dinner at The Mirage. It’s their weekly family tradition. The food was excellent and the girls loved watching (and eventually dancing with) the belly dancer. On the way home we asked Sara what she was expecting before we got there and what her thoughts were after we left. She said, “I thought the food was going to be gross and the belly dancer was going to be inappropriate before I got there. Now, I think the food is great and the belly dancer is not inappropriate. I liked her a lot”. She is ready to go back. I felt like I was at a wedding reception. Everyone eats a lot of food and then the whole restaurant turns into a dance floor and partying while the buffet suddenly becomes background. It’s all about family, food, dancing and passion for living. Sara met another little girl and after they got past their nervousness of swapping names, they became best friends and together they mustered up enough courage to get on the dance floor and put on a show.

It’s almost Valentines Day and the girls are close to finishing their cards. This morning we woke up to find three cards on the table from the main man in our life. Doug/Daddy left for the airport early this morning and since he won’t be back in time for V-day, he left us cards and chocolate. We have 2 V-day parties tomorrow and dinner and dessert with our SH girlfriends tomorrow night. Happy love day friends and family.