Doug’s Birthday and New Years Weekend

Friday afternoon I sent Doug to the Safety Harbor Spa for a massage, then I met him for a cocktail in the Spa courtyard afterwards. Then we headed to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants: Roys. The food was phenomenal as always and the company was even better. We ended our meal with the best chocolate soufflé I’ve ever eaten!

Saturday was a lazy day. We played outside, organized a little and took naps. I enjoyed a little “alone time” on the dock as the girls and Doug rested.

Doug and I walked to our New Years Eve party that night after the sitter arrived. It was a great night with great friends ringing in the New Year and celebrating Doug’s birthday.

Doug finished taking down the last of the Christmas decor (lights) Sunday afternoon. We enjoyed our traditional pork roast and kielbasa New Years Day meal with the girls and Sara and I spent a good portion of the afternoon in the front yard as she learned how to ride her bike without training wheels. She is doing great and as of today she can officially ride without my help.

The weekend ended on the couch with my sweetheart watching the movie Columbiana. It’s a great revenge movie if you like those types.

We spent the morning riding bikes and playing at the park. Now it’s time to finish organizing my house, plan a new schedule (for a new semester) and catch up on laundry. The Christmas vacation was wonderful and I’m sad it has come to an end, but we are ready for a great New Year and getting back on our schedule.

Tomorrow the girls head back to school and I get the next week off before a new semester starts. I’m definitely headed to H&M by myself with my gift certificate sometime this week. Happy New Year friends and family!

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