Doug at Guruz party

Four Days Off!

It’s been a great Christmas week. Doug took the next four days off and we are looking forward to a few days of celebration, Christmas festivities and time together. The house is quiet as the girls and Doug nap, so I’m enjoying a little down time too as I look back through photos I’ve taken over the week. Here are some of the highlights from the past week:

1.sleeping in every morning this week

2.Christmas shopping for Daddy and cousins.

3.baking cookies with Mia, Aunts and cousins.

4.picnic lunch at the park with friends

5.wrapping gifts for family

6.Guruz Media Christmas Party at Carmel Cafe and Wine Bar last night. The Guruz Media team accomplished 75% growth over last year!! I’m so proud and excited for many more successes in 2012! Great job everyone!

Guruz Christmas party at Cafe Carmel
A little early birthday celebration for Doug as well. Of course, I ate most of the lava cake.
Guruz Media team
Guruz Media Christmas party

7.Doug and the girls made party mix for neighbors this morning while I finished some last minute Christmas shopping. After naps, we will hop on our bikes and deliver the Christmas goodies to our friends around the harbor. The girls are so excited.

I’m looking forward to:

1.Christmas movies over the weekend.

2.Delivering Christmas treats to neighbors this afternoon.

3.Wine and great food with Doug after the girls are in bed and maybe some “dock” time.

4.Attending Christmas Eve service Saturday night and getting the girls dressed up for it.

5.Christmas Eve dinner.

6.Christmas morning Starbuck’s treats : )

7.Watching the girls open gifts on Sunday. I can’t wait to see their expressions on certain items we bought them.

8.Dinner and afternoon celebration with family.

9.The fact that Doug has off on Monday and we can relax together and enjoy our new toys before heading back into a busy week.

We will be very sad to say goodbye to Charles Kringle on Christmas Eve. He will fly away with Santa to help deliver gifts to other boys and girls, but he will return again next year after Thanksgiving Day. Another year will fly by and we look forward to many more new memories in 2012. Merry Christmas friends and family!

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