Charles Kringle

Meet Charles Kringle Webber

Sunday night Doug arrived home from his business trip with an elf in his suit case for the girls. This little elf has magical powers, but in order to make him “come to life” you have to give him a name. So, the girls decided upon Charles Kringle Webber. Charles can’t talk but he hears everything! He can’t be touched or he’ll loose his magic. He is watching to see how the girls behave and every night he flies back to the North Pole to report to Santa. When he returns back to our house he lands in a different place than the day before. It’s the girls’ job to find him the next morning. Sometimes he flies back with a note from Santa or candy canes. The girls LOVE finding him every morning. They jump out of bed and run out in search of their new elf. On Christmas Eve we will have to say goodbye to Charles Kringle because he will go back to the North Pole with Santa until the Christmas season arrives again (the day after Thanksgiving). Earlier today Sara asked me how many days until Christmas. I told her we have 8 more days, and of course she was happy but then sad to think that Charles would be leaving us soon. We loooooove that Charles Kringle!


Both girls had school Christmas parties this week. Sara got to go to school in her PJ’s yesterday. Her class spent the morning watching Polar Express, drinking hot chocolate and eating cookie cake and snacks at their Christmas party.


Sophie’s Christmas party took place this morning. All of the kids in her class brought a wrapped book to exchange for Christmas. They had treats and craft time near the end of class for their Christmas party.



The tree is up and looking beautiful, the Nutcrackers have taken their place on the fireplace, Christmas music plays on the stereo whenever we are home and lights scream “Its Christmas time” to all of our neighbors and the passersby from the outside of our house. The girls are out of school for two weeks and I have three weeks before a new semester starts. I’m so relieved to be done with another semester. I can check three more classes off my list and add three A’s to my grades.

Tonight we will be attending the “Victorian” version of 3rd Friday Night–downtown SH. There will be costumed Dickens characters, strolling carolers and dreidel tables. Also, the new Irish pub and cupcake shop on Main St. is open. Cupcakes with beer sounds perfect! Tomorrow is the annual Christmas parade downtown. The girls are so excited. Then “Santa” and I will spend the evening Christmas shopping.

Please keep my dad in your thoughts and prayers. A year ago he fell off a roof from two stories up. He has already undergone one surgery and today he had his second surgery. He is doing well right now because he has “happy” medicine, as you can clearly see in this picture. He never complains and has been so strong throughout this whole ordeal. My dad is one amazing man and I know he’ll pull through this with flying colors. Nothing can keep him down! I love you dad!


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