Sea World Vacation

Last Friday began our summer family vacation. Here’s how our Friday went down:

7:00 a.m. -girls are wide awake and ready to hit the road.

8:00- Mommy and Daddy finally get out of bed

8:30-11:00-  we eat breakfast and finish packing

11:30- on the road

1:20 p.m.-we pull into out hotel right across the street from Sea World, check in and take our bags up


1:30- we reveal the “big surprise” .They didn’t know we were going to Sea World, but as we passed the sign on the way in Sara said she really wished we were going there. Here’s a short video of their reaction:

1:45- we eat lunch poolside and plan out our day at Sea World. We talk about seeing Shamu Rocks and staying up late to see the fireworks.

3:00 p.m.- we arrive at Sea World with two very excited little girls. Our first stop was the dolphin nursery. Momma loved that.

3:00-10:00 p.m.- consisted of:

a dance and acrobatics show

a dolphin show

Shark Encounter

a visit with Sea Otters

an early rib and chicken dinner

a visit to the stingray tank

a late snack and a beer for mommy and daddy

Shamu Rocks and cotton candy

Dancing around with glow sticks


10:30- two very sleepy little girls finally make it to their bed. 

We had a great time together at Sea World. Saturday morning, after sleeping in until about 8:45, we finally made our way downstairs for breakfast. Then, we packed our bags and headed to J.W. Marriott, one of our favorite places to stay. The campus is gorgeous, the rooms are beautiful and the lazy river is surrounded by beautiful trees and is very relaxing.

We spent most of the morning swimming, then had a delicious lunch at a restaurant by the pool. After lunch we headed back up to our room for a short nap. After a full day in the sun and a late night before, we were tired. Sophie actually asked several times during lunch when we could go take a nap. After a very refreshing nap we were ready for more swimming. We swam the afternoon away, then headed back up to our room to get cleaned up for dinner.

The girls were excited to put on their pretty dresses for dinner with Daddy. After we were cleaned up and in our dresses, we headed downstairs for  a very nice dinner. While we waited for a table mommy couldn’t resist doing a mini family photo shoot. The girls looked so pretty.

After a very lovely meal, we took a little walk outdoors to walk off our dinner then headed back up to our room.

Once the girls were snuggled in bed, Doug and I opened a glass of red wine and sipped it while watching a documentary film on his iPad titledLost in La Mancha about Terry Gilliam’s failed attempt to make The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, a film adaptation of the novel Don Quixote. It was very interesting and I stayed awake for most of it.

Sunday morning we had pastries and coffee at the on-site Starbuck’s, then headed back to the pool for more swimming. At lunch time, we headed back up, got dressed and said our good-byes to J.W. Then we hit the road and headed back to the Harbor. Before arriving home we stopped at one of our favorite BBQ restaurants, Kojak’s  for a pork and rib lunch. Yummy!!

When we arrived home we all took a nap. We spent the rest of the day resting and doing what we pleased.When the girls were in bed we ended our day with a nice dinner and movie, Limitless. It was good.

Monday we got up and planned a long bike ride and picnic, but as soon as Doug got the last bike attached to the back of the car it started pouring. So, we ended up at International Plaza watching the girls run around the play area while we sipped coffee and tried to keep a conversation going. The rest of the day consisted of some dock time (while the girls napped), a really great dinner and another movie, Cedar Rapids (really funny).

It was a great vacation and now we get ready for school to start in two weeks. We are squeezing in a few last play dates, library time and ice skating before we head back. Where did our summer go??