6 Years Ago Today……..

Six years ago today we welcomed our sweet Sara Emily Webber into this world and our lives have been better ever since. Click here to read her birth story and I promise it’s not graphic.

Dear Sara,

Mommy, Daddy and Sophia love you so much. You are a beautiful, thoughtful, creative and intelligent little girl. You’re always thinking of ways to make someone else’s day better. You are a great little ballerina and becoming a super little chef as well. You spend most afternoons watching Food Network or the Cooking Channel and you are learning so much. You are also becoming quite the reader. Beyond all of that though, you are such a sweet, loving and thoughtful person and our lives are better with you in it. Happy Birthday Sara B. (not sure where we got the B., but it just stuck). We love you so much!!!


Daddy, Mommy and Sophia

P.S. Just wait til you see what you are getting tomorrow from us.

Sara woke up to find this card and candy on the table from daddy.

She’s had a big grin on her face all day. We’ve been busy baking cupcakes, filling a pinata, and getting the house ready for her big celebration tomorrow. Tonight we will celebrate on her actual birthday at her favorite restaurant and she’s getting all dressed up for it now. I can’t believe it’s been 6 years!

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