Weekend Highlights

Sara at Sun Groves

Highlights from the weekend include:

1.Fun with friends downtown for 3rd Friday night festivities and refreshing strawberry lemonade.

2.Movie and dessert with my girlfriend Lori Friday night. Due Date is a must see. Hilarious!

3. Shopping with my girls Saturday morning. We found Sara’s Easer dress.

4. Naps for everyone on Saturday afternoon.

5. Sun Groves Orange Ice Cream after dinner Saturday night with my girls (Doug was out of town).

Sara at Sun Groves

6. Doug arriving home Sunday morning, earlier than we expected him

7.Washing our filthy cars in perfect weather on Sunday. The week always start off better with a clean car.

8.Sitting on the dock talking with Doug and drinking a cold beverage while taking in Vitamin D (nature’s prozac) while the girls napped on Sunday afternoon

9. Watching the girls play in the sprinkler and feed the fish.

10. Slow smoked pulled pork for dinner after smelling it all day.

11. Observing another beautiful moon reflecting off the water from our front room

I’m very thankful!