Sneek Peak

After I picked Sara up from school we decided to drive by the new house and take a look inside at some of the renovations taking place. Things are starting to come together. The bathrooms are the main area of focus and next comes a total renovation of the kitchen. I’m so excited to see that transformation. The girls are over the top excited too and kept going in their new room to play. After we did a quick walk through of the house we walked to the dock. The girls were running around in the open field in front of it like they had never played outdoors before. Then as we were picking tangerines from our tree Mahshid (daughter of the owners of the house) stopped by to say hi. She suggested we meet her parents Dr. and Mrs. Arasteh who just moved out of the house we are moving into, to a house right down the street. They really wanted to meet the girls. We walked in and Mrs. Arasteh grabbed and kissed both girls and repeatedly said to them “Oh, your beautiful. I love you” with all the passion in the world. They instantly felt like family to me. They are perhaps one of the neatest and cutest older couples I have ever met. We talked over tea and strawberries while Sophie did a ballet performance for them and Sara sat quietly next to me. It took a little while for Sara to warm up but eventually she did and even let them kiss her goodbye. We promised to come back and visit often. I’m excited to hear about their life. It’s very interesting from the little their daughter has told me about them. Dr. Arasteh has his Ph.d in Pharmacology and was the first doctor to bring antibodies to Iran. Mrs. Arasteh has had two hip replacements and walks 3 miles down Bayshore everyday. They are truly exceptional people and I’m excited to learn more about them. The girls begged me to go back to our new house, but we had to head home for dinner. We have plans of doing some things around the house this weekend.

We are all so tired and emotional because we have been running on adrenaline and excitement all week. Doug and I have been going to bed late and waking up super early talking about where the furniture will go, what paint colors for each room, what cabinets we want to buy and so much more. It’s been a high and now we are needing sleep. I’m definitely sleeping in tomorrow. Happy weekend!!

Oh, and here’s a sneak peek of the beautiful view and our private dock. I’m thinking candlelight dinners on the dock while we watch the sun go down. Come over and join us anytime!

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