Mag Ad

Doug brought these Up Beat magazines home yesterday.

Omni JoJo ad

Inside one of them is a photograph I took when we were in NYC for a video and photo shoot with Jo Jo Meyer. I was fortunate to “very personally” know the videographer on the set so that’s how I got this gig. We also got to meet some other amazing drummers while on the shoot, including Jay-Z’s drummer Tony Royster Jr.

that's my photograph, of JoJo playing drums : )
that’s my photograph, of JoJo playing drums : )

This is the label that will be affixed to all of the Sabian Omni cymbals that will travel worldwide. Kinda cool.

Omni JoJo ad

Now I’ll brag on my husband for a minute. Here is the other Up Beat mag. Inside is the ad for the campaign my husband, Doug did with Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Pepper’s for a new China cymbal the Holy China. He did a great job and the campaign is a huge hit. The ads were everywhere at NAMM this year. He was the one who thought of this idea and proposed it Chad Smith who loved the idea. I’m proud of him.

Omni JoJo ad

If you go here you will get to the website Guruz Media put together and the video’s they created for the campaign. Great job!