Christmas Parade and Ice Skating

One of our yearly Christmas traditions is attending the Christmas parade that our little town puts together every year. The only year we didn’t make it was when I was in the hospital the day after delivering Sophie. Sara was still there with my parents, so technically she’s been every year of her life. The girls love it and they can hardly wait for the end of the parade to see Santa. Every year the same firefighter is Santa. This particular firefighter is one of Sara’s best buddies. His grandkids go to school with Sara and whenever we take a walk downtown and pass the fire station he and Sara have a little conversation. He calls Sara “princess”. So, at the end of the parade Santa waves to Sara and he says, “Hey Sara. How are you?” She had a look of bewilderment on her face because she still believes then looked right at me and said, “I know him. He’s familiar. I think that’s my firefighter friend.” Then Doug and I quickly jumped right in and explained that the real Santa wasn’t able to make it to the parade because he had to be at the mall. I’m not sure if she went for it, especially because we were both talking so fast at the same time with an “oh crap she knows” look on our face.




Hi Princess Sara!
OMG! That’s not Santa. That’s my firefighter friend!

After the parade we came home and crashed for a few hours then spent the evening doing a video shoot for a background video that will be playing at church during the Christmas Eve service. The girls liked the lights and dancing in front of the camera.


Sunday after church we went to lunch with friends then ice skating. Sara held onto the wall most of the time and occasionally would get the courage to skate while holding a hand. Sophie did about 3 laps in the 2 hrs. we were there. She was very nervous and not quite ready for it yet. Maybe next time. They had fun being with their friends.

Doug and Sara Ice Skating-1  

We have done a lot of baking and decorating of cookies this week so far. I will post some of those pics soon. Now time to finish wrapping the gifts and get this house cleaned and ready for Christmas. I hope you are having a great Christmas week so far!

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