Meet Ruby June

Monday morning I arrived at Baby Place at Bayfront Hospital Hospital to be with my sister Crystal and BIL Jacob as they welcomed their new baby into this world. My parents and sister Emmy were already there. Crystal had been induced right around 8:30 (I think). For most of the morning we took shifts going in to visit with Crystal and Jake as we waited for something to happen.


Right around noon we all headed out for lunch, then it was time for me to get the girls from school. On my way back to the hospital with the girls in tow I found out Crystal had the baby. Right before I left the nurse predicted she wouldn’t deliver until late afternoon or early evening. I was so mad because I thought I missed Jake’s big announcement of what they had. We have all been waiting and anxious to know wether the baby was a girl or boy and I wanted to cry at the thought that I wasn’t there to here it from Jake’s mouth. I was very relieved when I got to the hospital because then I found out that my family so kindly waited for me to find out the gender. Thanks again guys! Jake finally came out and announced that they had a little Ruby June Cunningham. Everyone was shocked because we were sure it was a boy. We are so happy to have another girl though. That make 6 girls in the family and 1 boy. Then Emmy and I got to go back and meet her. She is perfect. Beautiful. She weighed 7lbs. 15 oz. and has a full head of brown hair.

After visiting for a bit Emmy and I took the girls and big sister Molly (who had just arrived) to get dinner. We talked to Molly about her baby sister and through out dinner the girls kept saying/singing, “Ruuuuuuuuuubbbby Juuuuuuuuune”. They were so excited to meet Ruby.

Big sister Molly says, ” Ruuuuuuuuby Juuuuuune”

Big sister Molly and cousins Sara and Sophie meet Ruby for the first time!




Isn’t she just beautiful and perfect? I think so. I’m in love!