Nutcracker and Algebra Finals Week


I don’t know about you, but I’m loving this cold Florida weather. It was 39 degrees when we walked out this morning. That’s cold for Fl! I love wearing scarves, boots, and my big red warm trench. It’s really getting me into the Christmas spirit. Also, we have been listening to the Nutcracker CD every time we get into the car in preparation for the big performance this weekend. Last Saturday Sara and I attended the first 4 hour rehearsal. We packed a lunch and while she sat mesmerized while watching the older dancers rehearse on pointe, I sat with Doug’s Ipad studying for my algebra test. The time flew by. I had to literally drag Sara out of the studio when it was time to go. She was the only one her age that sat in there almost the entire 4 hrs. watching and being inspired by the sugar plum fairy and all the older dancers. She LOVES dance and she’s really good at it. Friday night is our next 4 hour dress rehearsal, then Saturday and Sunday it’s show time. She’s very excited.



After Nutcracker rehearsal Saturday Sara and I arrived home to a fully decorated Christmas house with all my Nutcracker’s nicely displayed, thanks to Doug. Sara was so excited to see all my Nutcracker’s and asked if she could have one. I told her no, and that she should collect her own with each year she performs. My parents always surprised me with a Nutcracker after each performance. I still remember the first year I asked for one and the anticipation I felt to receive it. When I got it I pretended to be Clara and danced all around the house with my new Nutcracker. I see the excitement in Sara’s eyes to have her very own. I want to surprise her with her very own after her show on Sunday.

Saturday night we headed to Target for a few new Christmas ornaments then we got our Christmas tree and decorated it. Now, it officially feels like Christmas around here with a decorated house, Nutcracker performances coming up and cold in the air. I love it.

This weekend I take my algebra finals. I made a 95% on my last test this past weekend, so i’m feeling confident that I can make a good grade on my finals. Hopefully. Then, I’M DONE WITH ALGEBRA!!!! Yay! I can’t tell you how relieved I am to almost be done with algebra.One step closer to my nursing degree. One step closer. Stay warm friends

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