10 Year Anniversary Trip To N.C.

Day One:

Saturday the 6th, we woke up, finished last minute packing, enjoyed Starbuck’s with the girls, kissed the girls goodbye, then headed to NC. It was a fun day in the car talking and watching movies on Doug’s Ipad. We even stopped for boiled peanuts.

We were like two kids anticipating our arrival to a beautiful cabin in NC for a WHOLE week. Could it be true? A whole week without kids, a busy schedule, cleaning and algebra and lots of time to read, play and do whatever whenever we wanted? YES! AWESOME! We arrived at the cabin around 7 pm. Our wonderful friends Sue and Greg own this gorgeous cabin, right on a little river in the mountains of NC. As we walked in, excitement, relaxation and rest met us at the door promptly.

Saturday night after a long day (but not too long) we sat by the fire, enjoyed a great glass of red wine and cheese. We sat there talking about how excited we were to have a full week ahead of us to enjoy a beautiful fire and gorgeous scenery. Then…well..then, well never mind.

North Carolina 2010 58
Day Two: We slept in. Then we headed to Ingles for a few groceries. When we got back Doug made us a delightful grilled cheese sandwich with smoked gouda and bacon on a nice piece of crusty french bread.

That lunch along with a glass of red on the back porch made for a wonderful afternoon!

Then Doug surprised me with my first anniversary gift, iLife 2011. On the way up he made me watch a video all about the new iLife 11’ that Apple just put out. I learned about new features in iphoto, imovie and more. It got me excited and I told Doug I wanted it. Little did I know it was riding in the car with me. Also, he brought my entire photo library. It was perfect. I sat there for a little over an hour playing around with all my photo’s. Now I can get even more creative and organized and I’m so excited to try my hand at iMovie.

North Carolina 2010 39

That night we enjoyed a fire, more wine and a beautiful dinner which included a roasted red pepper and goat cheese on toast appetizer and roast beef with mashed potatoes and green beans as the main course. We started watching the new Karate Kid, but decided to use our time more wisely : )

Day Three: We slept in. Then we headed to Blueridge to do a little shopping. I bought a beautiful coral ring and fudge and Doug walked away with two old time radio’s.

We had lunch at a great little restaurant in the middle of town called The Harvest.

Then we headed to the apple orchard in town, Mercier Orchards.

After a fun day in Blueridge we headed back to the cabin for some rest and time on the back porch before a wonderful night out with our friends Sue and Greg.

Day Four: We slept in. We enjoyed the back porch in the morning. Then we headed to a little gem of a winery called Crane Creek where we found our new favorite red. It’s called Hellbender. We even had an open mind and tried a few whites which were also quite tasty.


After great wine we felt hungry for BBQ, so we headed to Smoke Rings BBQ for lunch. To walk off our delicious but heavy lunch we hiked up a very steep mountain to the top of Brasstown Bald.

Late afternoon we headed back to the cabin where Doug spoiled me with another great meal. He prepared a beautiful piece of Filet mignon, mushroom risotto, wilted spinach and a roasted tomato stuffed with olives and mozzarella.

After we finished dinner he surprised me with my 2nd anniversary gift. Over the course of 6 months to a year he got ahold of every last home video we own (which was scattered in many places around the house) and transferred them from DVD to his computer. I have been wanting to do this forever so that we can have easy access and have them all in one place as well as the ability to edit. We sat there enjoying a glass of wine while watching some of our old home videos. I couldn’t hold back my tears as I saw video’s of the two of us a newlyweds fixing up our first home, clips of my pregnancy with both girls, Sara’s birth, Sara at 2 years old and some old videos of Sophie as a baby. I had to stop watching. It was too much. Although I love where we are now and I love the girls ages, I can’t believe how fast time has flown. Watching the sweet videos of Sara with her high pitched voice, blonde hair with tight curls, pure love for her mommy and daddy and sweet innocence, I couldn’t control my sobbing. No………..not tears, I said sobbing. At some point those videos will be apart of this family website for my girls to view and enjoy. It was a great evening and I feel so blessed to have a husband who took the time to gather all our videos and have them there for me on our 10 year anniversary. It is so special and valuable to me and by far the best tangible gift I have ever received. I love you babe!

Day Five: We slept in. Then we headed to Highlands NC. The drive to Highlands is the best. The scenery and water falls we passed along the way were breathtaking.

We spent the afternoon shopping and eating lunch in Highlands NC.

Then we headed to Franklin to visit our dear friends Ken and Betty Balmer. First we stopped of at Ken’s bike shop, Cycle Crazy. Doug was in heaven.

After visiting Ken’s shop we headed back to his house.

North Carolina 2010 42

Let me back up and give you a little Webber/Balmer history lesson. About 9 years ago we met and fell in love with Ken and Betty Balmer. You really can’t find a better kind. They taught us about hard work and generosity. They showed us generosity. On our one year anniversary they gave us the keys to their cabin in NC. It was one of our favorite vacations and the cabin was amazing. Ken also spent a ton of time helping us remodel our first house. We enjoyed dinner with Ken and Betty on several occasions and Doug and Ken were best cigar buddies. Then they disappointed us and moved to NC to live full time about 6-7 years ago (not positive about the date). So, we knew we had to see our dear friends while visiting this time and we wanted to see the cabin (the one we stayed in) and all of the renovations. It was a PERFECT evening with two of our favorite people on this Earth. We ate outside by their beautiful new built in fireplace overlooking the mountain. We drank wine by the fire and caught up as we talked about money, life with kids, work hard, giving, Betty’s job with Hospice, Ken’s cycle shop, and a ton more life topics. We laughed and it felt just like old times. Our conversation was great. It was so wonderful to reconnect. I’m already missing them.

Day Six: November 11, 2010. Our official 10 year anniversary. We woke up and almost simultaneously said, “Happy Anniversary Babe”. Then we packed our bags, hopped in the car and headed to Asheville NC. Doug reserved a room at The Indigo right downtown.

After we checked in, we strolled downtown to a little restaurant named Tupelo Honey for lunch. YUMMY!

After lunch we visited The French Broad chocolate lounge to satisfy my sweet tooth. We bought a box of chocolates and ordered a scoop of maple brown sugar bacon ice cream. It was so buttery and fatty and amazing. I could taste the chuncks (not bits) of bacon in it. I’m dreaming of it now.

Then we spent the afternoon shopping downtown Asheville, visiting art galleries and getting inspiration.

North Carolina 2010 19

Late afternoon we found a spot at the bar in Carmel’s restaurant. I enjoyed a glass of Sangria, while Doug sampled beers in a beer flight.

North Carolina 2010 49

We started a conversation with a lady a little older than me which lasted about 3 hours. We decided to stay there and order dinner as we were thoroughly enjoying time with our new friend. She is a Math teacher who lives in California. We talked about CA a lot because we would love to live there someday. The more we talked, the more we found out how much we had in common including horror stories with a certain company called Chase. We were having so much fun that we invited her to join us for dessert at the chocolate lounge were we once again savored the maple brown sugar bacon ice cream. I know it may sound weird that we invited a complete stranger to join us for dessert, but she was so cool and we love people and talking and we were having fun. She will probably be a friend we call when we visit CA. After dessert we headed back to our room where I got gift # 3, which is a gift and memory I will keep to myself.

Day Seven: We slept in. Then we ate breakfast at our hotel, packed and headed to the River Arts District for the real art in Asheville. Then we headed to The Grove Park Inn about 10 minutes away. If you haven’t visited The Grove Park Inn, you have to visit this historic and amazing hotel. The fireplace in huge!

We enjoyed lunch overlooking the golf course.

After a very satisfying lunch we started our trip back to the cabin. We really enjoyed our time in Asheville but we were so ready to be sitting in our cabin watching a fire and enjoying each other’s company. We grilled burgers, watched a fire, played chess and fell asleep by the fire.

Day Eight: We slept in. Then we decided we would run in town for a bit to find last minute souvenirs for the girls. We had lunch in town then decided that we wanted a mostly full day in the cabin. I spent a little time reading and a few hours playing around with iLife, specifically iPhoto. I never get a few hours to just play around and organize my photo’s. It was fun. Then mid afternoon, Doug took my hand and guided me upstairs where he had candles lit and spa music playing in th background. I got the best full body massage ever then fell into a deep sleep for the afternoon. It was wonderful. That evening we had plans to have dinner at the Copper Door with our friends Jerry and Wanda who are fairly new friends and cabin neighbors (Greg and Sue’s really great friends). We have met on several occasions and always hit it off. We arrived at their place for cocktails and then planned on riding together to dinner. We were having so much fun there that we decided to ditch the Copper Door and relax at their place. I live a sudden change of plan. Jerry made us the best frozen pizza, yes, I said the BEST. Frozen Pizza. Then we laughed, talked, laughed a lot more and finished with a white russian dessert. It was a great night.

Day Nine: We got up early and headed home. First we said goodbye to the cabin then I almost started crying. It was a wonderful week of relaxation, rest, great food, time with old friends and most importantly a week to remember why we said, “I do” 10 years ago. It was a week of reconnection even though we never really felt disconnection. It was a week of deep and long conversations about our future and the goals we have personally and in our marriage for the next 10 years. It was a week that made our marriage even stronger than it is. It has been a wonderful 10 years and I feel like the most blessed woman on this planet.

As we drove home my anticipation to see the girls grew. I kept my mind off of the many hours we had ahead and watched 6 episodes of Mad Men. I think it’s my new favorite. When we finally arrived home near 6 pm the girls came running and screaming towards the door. I could hear them before even entering the house. As soon as we walked in I grabbed both of them and we kissed and hugged for 33 minutes. I don’t know what it is about not being with my girls for a few days or in this case a week, but they looked different and older. I couldn’t get enough of them and all night the 4 of us kept smiling at each other. It was wonderful to say goodnight and tuck them in. Now, I think in another 10 years my sweet Sara will be 15 and Sophie 13. I’m learning to cherish and enjoy every moment.Cheers to 10 more wonderful years and Happy Anniversary to my love! x0x0x0x0

North Carolina 2010 14

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