Family Weekend

This weekend consisted of nothing but relaxation, fun with the girls and a chance to have Z.E.R.O. plans! It was great.

Saturday we took the girls to Great Explorations Museum for the 1st time. It was loads of fun. The girls got to be cashiers at Publix,make fake pizza, learn about sound, build a race car, be a doctor, see themselves on green screen and climb a tree fort. Oh, and then we got to meet the world’s most scariest clownDoug hates clowns! He HATES, HATES, HATES them. He always asks the question, “what are they hiding behind in all that makeup and foolishness. And, how do they get the right to violate you?” Logical really. So, you can imagine how much fun I had with this.She asked for a volunteer to hold her yellow feather duster, so I quickly offered Doug. He was thrilled about that! I will say I felt pretty uneasy too, and about 2 min. into our exchange Sophie got the most scared look on her face and said, “I wanna go now!”. She’s probably a really nice person, but she was a little weird.

Then she insisted on a family picture with us. Sophie was thinking, “get me out of here” Doug was thinking, “I’m gonna kill Lorena” and I was laughing. The random little girl looking up at me must have been admiring my new hair. Oh, and Sara ran off. Then she grabbed our necks and whispered “You two are such wonderful parents.Keep doing what you’re doing. Never give up on these little ones.I see the love you have for one another”

After our visit to the museum and 4 free passes to come back (not because of the way we were treated by the clown, but because it was an overly busy day due to backpacks of hope, free haircuts and free check-ups and over 500 kids) we went to El Cap for a very tasty lunch. This joint has been around forever and they serve the best greasy burgers. I’m waiting to see them make an appearance on Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives. It was tasty.


After lunch we headed home for naps. Everyone napped for over 2 hrs. and it was wonderful! Doug and the girls watched Shrek after the girls ate dinner and I ran to get take out BBQ from a really great hole in the wall in Oldsmar, Georgia Boy’s BBQ. We sent the girls to bed after the movie, ate our BBQ and watched Ghost Writer, a very fun suspense movie.

Sunday morning consisted of sleeping in late, hanging curtains in the dining room and doing a few household chores. Then once nap time hit around 2, Doug curled up in the hammock in the back yard with his cigar and radio tuned to NPR and I went to Barnes and Noble. It was a fabulous 2 hrs. looking through Artful Blogging magazine (my favorite magazine), an array of kids books, travel books for our 10 yr. anniversary trip coming up, and photography books with my tall caramel macchiato w/ whipped cream in my right hand. FABULOOOOOUUUUSSS!!!!! After a wonderful dinner (whole chicken on the grill w/black beans and yellow rice and tomato salad) while watching The Fabulous Beakman Boys (one of my new fave’s) we ended our Sunday with the movie Unthinkable. It was a great movie, but also very disturbing. It was a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable weekend.Have a great week!!!