This Week’s Highlights

1.Play date with Madison and Megan


2. Sara spent Wednesday with Mia. They went to lunch, got some school supplies for kindergarden, and went for ice cream

3. Lunch with Mia and Grabber was wonderful on Thursday

4. Ikea and a cinnamon bun was fabulous this morning

I love this table and chairs from IKEA


and this couch…….I’m thinking in front of the fireplace

and this kitchen

5. Date lunch out with dad today and a tour through his newly expanded and renovated office. He did all the interior design and it looks great!

6. Tonight’s movie night and a nice dinner after the girls are in bed

7. Then, we are heading into a free and clear weekend and I’m so excited. We get a whole weekend together and with no plans. We are thinking maybe a one tank trip somewhere new. Ahhhhhh, no birthday parties. YES! Just time as a family doing whatever we want.

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