Girls night, lots of crying and drunken strawberries

My good friend Lori came over tonight to hang, watch a movie and eat chocolate with me. We met back at St. Lukes about 7 yrs. ago. She was my boss at the time and we developed a really great friendship. When I left St. Luke’s to be a stay at home mom full time, we stayed in contact and maintained our friendship. We enjoy getting together for dinner, and whenever Doug is out of town she comes over for movie night and chocolate. We always have a great time catching up, and I specifically enjoy hearing the latest St. Luke’s gossip. The last gossip was horrible actually. I found out one doctor committed suicide and left his entire family here on Earth and another was killed in a car crash. HORRIBLE! Just HORRIBLE! All of this within 6 months.

Lori is a great story teller, so this time I got to hear all about her recent trip to NY, and how she barely made her flight after running a marathon through Atlanta airport.Anyone who has flown out of Atlanta can relate to that! I always find myself laughing at her stories.

While Lori was in NY, I fed and visited her kids cats. It was really no problem at all and I loved that I could help her out. So, tonight she shows up with a gift to thank me “from her cats”. She presented me with a  VERY generous gift card to La Mirage Salon and Spa. As soon as I opened it, I started jumping up and down like my 5 year old does when receiving a piece of bubble gum. I’m so excited. I have two gift cards for massages now!!! Yay! I will finally use the gift card Doug got me last year because I know I have another one waiting and it won’t be over way too fast.

If you want the recipe for this click here.