Sara’s 5th Birthday Celebrations

On Thursday afternoon June 24th Sara turned 5 years old. So, that evening we told her she could choose the restaurant she wanted to eat at for her birthday dinner. She chose Cracker Barrel. As we pulled in she said, “I know, since it’s my birthday, maybe you could buy me a gift in the store before we eat.” Doug and I looked at each other with smirk’s on our faces, and we both knew why she chose Cracker Barrel. It had donned on us prior to that. We were seated right away and promised Sara she could buy something after dinner. We had a nice time playing the Cracker Barrel peg game (I’m sure there is a real name for that game) and just talking together. After dinner the waiters and waitresses gathered around our table to sing Happy Birthday to Sara. She was in shock at first and was unsure if they were really singing to her or not, then she got this look on her face as if to ask, “How did they know it was my day.” It was great. then they presented her with a Chocolate Coca Cola Cake with hot fudge and ice cream.

After we devoured the cake in under 3 minutes, we headed to the gift shop where Sara found a slinky that we bought as one of her gifts.


On Saturday we woke up bright and early and started working around the house to prepare for Sara’s party. Doug cleaned the yard up, planted some fresh flowers in the front and started prep for the birthday dinner while I did last minute cleaning, decorating, picking up balloons and decorating cupcakes. It was a bubble gum themed party. Sara had never chewed bubble gum prior to her 5th, so all of her friends and family came out to witness her first chewing.

Prepping food:

Our guests started arriving around 4:30. Doug grilled hamburgers for a hamburger bar, Brats, chicken and made his mom’s macaroni salad, cucumber salad, and potatoes as sides. It was delicious!

After dinner we brought out the pinata. Sara insisted on the pinata for her birthday. The kids tried, but it wasn’t until team mom showed up that we actually got anywhere.

When we finished hitting the pinata, it was time for Sara to try her first piece of bubble gum. All of her family and friends gathered around to watch.

Then it was time for cake and gifts

Her final gift was a gift from me, Doug, and Sophia, a new camera. She loves taking pictures and every once in a while I will let her snap a shot with mine as long as I’m right there and the strap is around her neck. She was ecstatic when she opened her gift, a real camera!

Then, we said our thank you’s and goodbye’s.

Dear Sara,

We had such a great time celebrating your 5th birthday. We have had 5 wonderful and fun years with you. You are our smart, creative, independent, and thoughtful daughter. We love you so very much and look forward to many more wonderful years and memories with you. Happy Birthday!

Love, Mom and Dad