Mind Maps

We’re already into our second week of summer and I just know it’s going to fly by. I want to be able to say we accomplished some great things and had a blast this summer. So, I know I need a plan or else the days will pass and time will be wasted. Don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty of lazy days at the beach and pool, play dates, and “no plan” days. They are needed too, especially during summer break, but I feel it’s also important to maintain and move towards growth.

The other day I woke up and looked through my goals and decided what I wanted from the day before I got the girls up. I felt like I actually accomplished a lot that day and worked closer to my goals when I had a plan for my day. I think it’s important to do this everyday, so you actually move forward in life. Wether is be a long term goal or a daily goal having it in the forefront of your mind and being reminded daily will help you achieve them. I also think mothers really benefit from a daily schedule and goals. It helps the day move along a lot smoother. In order to decide what your goals are, you need to figure out your priorities. I think the priorities pull goals in place, and goals pull the schedule into place. Priorities are first, goals are second, and the schedule is third.

For example, my priorities are : God, me time, Doug, girls, friends/family, home, nursing school

Then I have to write down my goals for each. For example, a goal with my girls is to teach them to love others, listen, show kindness, learn how to read and write, spend 30 min. of quality time with each girl everyday etc.

Then I put that into a schedule so that I’m actually working towards those goals. I make space for each on my daily schedule so it actually gets done.

I have spent some time using a very helpful tool called the mind map to help create goals and “to do” list’s. I love this tool. I look at my maps everyday to remind myself of my goals and to do’s. It’s amazing how much you forget when you don’t look at it for a day or two.

Here is an example of one of my mind maps:



On the mind map if you click the “+” sign the nodes attached will pop up. You can keep the nodes visible or invisible. To see an example of what the attached nodes look like, look at the “me time” node. Under each node I have more nodes attached with the goals that relate. You even have the option of adding notes to each node, and setting priorities and due dates. You can also add pictures to each node to give a nice visual.

I have 6 maps: Personal, My Love (Doug), Sara & Sophie, Home , Financial and Nursing Degree. You can make up to 6 maps for free then you have to get a membership to make more. I use mindmeister to create my maps, and love it; I have done my research and think it’s the best by far.

Under my Sara and Sophie maps, I have a node labeled summer and attached to that is several others nodes labeled: places to visit, things to do at home, camps/ classe /VBS & goals. Then under each node I have a note attached to view a list of ideas I have created. Some have priority labels and due dates, and some don’t.

By checking these goals daily I am reminded of what I’m working towards and what matters most to me. Before I could come up with these goals though, I had to figure out my priorities and obviously my girls are a top priority, so they each got their own map.

Here is Sara’s map. I left some of the nodes visible:



As you can see under Summer Goals, next to each node is a little round circle with lines in it (off to the right). If you click on that the notes pop us where you can view notes. I have ideas listed in the notes section. Ideas for places to visit, to do at home, to do out etc..

Here is one more map I have created and will share with you. I kept a few nodes visible for you to view.

My home map:

chores 2

I need this, otherwise I’m lost and unproductive. Hopefully it can be a useful tool to you as well. Hope you have a fun, relaxing and productive summer.