Potato Head, Peach Milkshake, and Slumber Party


We just got back from lunch with Doug. We ate at Chic-Fil-A. The girls always love to have lunch with Dad, and fight over who gets to sit next to him. So he always ends up sitting right in the middle and they want nothing to do with me. That’s fine. We ended our meal with delicious peach milkshakes. The girls weren’t big fans, but I thought it was great.

The girls are headed over to Aunt Crystal and Uncle Jake’s this afternoon for a slumber party with their cousin Molly. They are so excited. Sara keeps telling everyone that she is going on vacation and had her bags packed last night. 

I’m looking forward to a night with Doug as we celebrate our dear friend Pam Hamilton’s birthday with some of our other close friends. I’m also looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, breakfast with Doug and maybe a stop at Barnes and Noble. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!