I Missed You

I didn’t realize how much I love my Mac until I was without it. I have really enjoyed blogging and wonder now why I didn’t start sooner. It’s a great source of enjoyment for me, and allows me to have some “me” time during the day. And, I love the fact that some day I will be able to look back on all our memories. Time is really flying by. Anyways, thanks to my husband for the new Mac he brought home last night. He found it on Craig’s list for an awesome price, and it works great. The screen is huge. Mine was 10 years old and very slow before it finally died. I’m excited that I can write and post pictures in half the time that I used to, and I have a whole slew of new programs.

Anyways, here are 10 highlights from the past 2 weeks since the last time I wrote:

1. Sprinkler Fun

2. Saturday night Fish Taco’s and a movie with Dougfish taco's

3. Thursday morning bike ride with Sophie

4. Cuddle time with Sophie after nap. Sara snapped these pictures. Creative little girl!

5. Private ballet lessons from Mommy. The girls wanted to see me go on pointe. So I put the old point shoes on and almost broke my neck. It’s been too long, and my ankles are a little weak. No more 2 hrs. a day of ballet classes like I used to take in high school……………….12 yrs. ago.

6. Spending time with family at Crystal and Jake’s house warming party, and finding out that they are pregnant with baby # 2. YAY! I have baby fever bad, so I’m very happy that both of my sisters are pregnant, so that I can hold, love and kiss on a newborn.

7. Saturday morning walk downtown and breakfast at Athen’s as a family. Sara had french toast for the first time, and as soon as she tookabight she said, “I taste scrambled eggs”. She is very perceptive, and has a chef’s palette for sure.


8. Tending to the garden

9. Enjoying every last moment that my daughter is still 4 and a preschooler.


10. My early Mother’s Day gift. A new Mac. Thank you Doug!
Mother's Day gift