The Best of Jax Weekend

1. Stopping by our local Starbucks for a treat on the way to Jacksonville  and running into friends who we spent half and hour chatting with before departure.

2. A nice dinner with Doug and a very nice room Friday night at the Omni Resort in Jacksonville.

Omni Resort in Jacksonville

3. Two hours enjoying books at Books-A-Million on Saturday morning. About an hour of that time was spent reading Artful Blogging Magazine. This is my new favorite.

My favorite blogging magazine

4. Three hours shopping all by myself on Saturday before the show. It was $5 day; I bought 2 shirts for $5 each, and a dress at Ross for $5.
5. Sitting with Daniel during The Rock and The Rabbi show, admiring our amazingly talented better halves. 
The Rock and Rabbi
6. Meeting Ruby Gettinger (Neal and Daniel’s very close friend) who came to see the show. She has her own show on the Style network, and is an inspiration to many women who are trying to lose weight.
Ruby Gettinger
7. Lounging by the rooftop pool on the 4th floor of the Omni Resort in downtown Jacksonville.
8. A glass of red wine and great conversation before dinner with this sexy man.
My love
9. 13 gypsies– Spanish cuisine with Neal and Daniel. 
10. Cab ride back to the hotel after a wonderful meal, great conversation and time with perfect friends!
13 Gypsies
11. Sitting in the planter outside the hotel taking a picture with these 3 wonderful men………..then trying to gracefully get out of the planter. For those of you who judge, I didn’t have too much to drink; I was just “feeling it”……..a little.
12. Sunday morning breakfast and walk through Jacksonville Landing. 
13. Stopping on the side of the road for a huge palette of strawberries on the way home. All of that for $10.
14. An early dinner with Doug and an afternoon shopping at Brandon Mall on our way home Sunday.
15. Picking up the girls at my parents house on Sunday night. I really missed them!
That’s the best of Jax, from my point if view.

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