You Won!


Friday we spent the morning running around doing errands and franticly looking for Easter dresses for you and Sophie.  Yes, I was very last minute this year. Don’t be a procrasinator like mom. I left my phone at home, and when we returned, I noticed I had 1 new voicemail. It was Sanrio (Hello Kitty) calling to tell you that you won the coloring contest for your age group. We both listened to the message, then started jumping up and down and screaming very loudly.  Immediately after you heard the message you called Daddy, who was out of town in Maryland, to tell him the good news. He was so excited too. You spent 3 days working on it and put a lot of effort into your little masterpiece. On Saturday we went to International Plaza as a family to claim your prize. You received a basket full of goodies, stickers, pencils, paper, candy, an Easter bunny etc.

Whenever we go to International Plaza you and Sophie love to visit the Hello Kitty store and pick up the dollar grab bag, which is usually filled with stickers, a pencil, candy and a notebook. A few weeks ago we were there and the sales clerk asked if you would like to enter the coloring contest. You put your head down and said no. We asked why, and you responded by saying, “ I don’t want to loose”. We convinced you to try, and encouraged to you to give it your best, so you picked up two coloring pages and we left. Now you are the winner. If you had let your fear of losing take over you would have never won the contest. The lesson here, is to never let fear of failure rule your decisions. You never know, you could just win! I love you!!


P.S. Look back at the Hello Kitty entry on March 26th to see your coloring up close.

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